Chapter 6: The Truth Reveals

"Ughh my head… What happened… What was that dream all about…?

'Ughh..' I thought. I was back in the room where I first fell asleep-

"Sissy! SISSY WAKE UP!" someone whispered.

"Huh? What? Who are you?" I said sleepily.

"It's the note! Save me! SISSY!" The note said.

I rubbed my eyes, and looked down to check if the note was still there. And to my surprise it was! I looked at the note and I could hear a very gentle voice so soft.

"Oww! My head!" I put my hand over my forehead, and it felt so hot. "Ughh, I don't feel so good…"

"SISSY LISTEN UP NOW!" the note whispered.

"Huh? Who's whispering?

Maybe I'm just losing my mind…

I examined the note and there was writing on it. It was very smudgy and smelly! I could smell it from miles away! But, the ink on the paper was very unclear and it didn't pop out more like pencils and pens. It looked like it was a special ink.

What could this writing say? Maybe it relates to the dream I had. But i'm not quite so sure. Maybe the dream was just no use. But, why would I have a dream this weird? There must be connecting somehow. And that is what the writing says.

I placed the note down on the floor. And tried to find letters that I could make out. "Dy, space, nd, space, ght, space, ey, space, come, space, er, space, e, space, lv, space, ones. Wow! That is a lot of letters! But what could it say? Maybe it's a puzzle. And made it like this, so no one could see. Hmm. Maybe it's supposed to say what happened in my dream! Like I said! Well. I saw my dad. A girl who disappeared. And the mom or grandma, I think missed her. And then there was a girl and a boy. Well all I see is that only girls and dads go missing!" I thought.

"Think about the feelings sissy! I heard Alisa, of course myself but evil! I don't know anymore! But she trapped me here and-" Alisa in the note said.

'Maybe I'm just not thinking right!' I thought. I was too overstressed about the note and overthinking that I didn't even hear what the note said! "Oh my god! Really! I guess I'll just write it down! But, I hope my sister can read it though…" the note quietly said. But as the note said that I quickly realized I wasn't playing around and THERE WAS SOMEONE TALKING!


"SHUT IT! SIS NOW! YOU'RE GONNA GET US-" The note quietly screamed. But, then I felt a shocking sting and passed out.

"It's all ok, sis we got you covered… it's all ok sis, we got you covered…" someone whispered in my ear.

"mmmMMmMmMmm!" I yelled.

"No need to talk sis! It's me, Alisa! And I can see you have something that I need… But this piece of paper is not needed anymore… GABRIELLA HELP ME PLEASE! HELP ME!"

My tears were wetting the cloth around my mouth that I touched. I was stripped sealed with metal around my hands. And I couldn't move at all…

"Sissy! Listen up! I don't want any of your SAVING THE DAY! Things. Ok. You got it!" Alisa sassily snapped.

She snapped her fingers in front of my face and walked away. As she did. Alisa went around the corner, and I saw another person talking. I could hear their conversation but not clear enough. I moved my butt backwards and tried moving the thing I was sitting on. But it felt like it was stable and glued to the ground. Then I tried sliding my hands carefully out of the metal loops that I could barely see. Since my eyes were kind of covered, I could see a little bit.

"I see you're trying to escape, huh? Well, don't even try. Because there will be BIG consequences… And I mean BIG ones…"

"MMMMMMmMmM!" I yelled.

"WHAT DID I SAY! NO NEED OF TALKING, RIGHT!" Alisa yelled at me. I nodded my head very slowly. "You just don't get it! DO YOU! Well maybe you will never and that's why THEY need to upgrade you. Until then you'll understand. Then we can take over our parents and BURN them! Then you feel what I feel… HAPPINESS! But, you'll never understand. It's fine, though! Because you will when we upgrade you! We can do anything sissy… ANYTHING! WE CAN TAKE AWAY EVERYBODY AND ALL THE LOVED ONES AND DAY AND NIGHT-"

As when she said, I remembered about the thing on the note! Dy, space, nd, space, ght, space, ey, space, come, space, er, space, e, space, lv, space, ones.! And I think I know what it means! Lv is loved! Dy is Day! Nd is And and ght is night! Day and night come loved ones… but there's ey and er and e left! But what could those letters be turned into?

"ENOUGH WITH MY TALKING! WE NEED TO UPGRADE YOU THAT'S MOST IMPORTANT!" Alisa yelled. I was too busy thinking of the words when she said that I knew Alisa was hiding something and those words meant something!

"Alisa… What did you say? ARE YOU CRAZY! DO YOU WANT TO END UP LIKE YOUR OTHER LIFE! NO RIGHT! SO NEVER SAY THAT SPECIFIC WORDS AGAIN! DO YOU HEAR ME!" The shadow in the distance called angrily.

"I FIGURED IT OUT! DAY AND NIGHT THEY COME AFTER THE LOVED ONES!" I yelled. I quickly covered my mouth. In terrified mode I closed my eyes and hoped for the best not to get killed or even worse. Day. And. Night. The. Secret. Robots. Come. After. The. Loved. Ones. They. Take. As. Many. Loved. Ones. As. They. Can. And. Take. Over. Their. Body… Rebooting system. The person will remember all what they did…

"Shutting down- own. And not obeying the master of the gang. Shutting down all robots too." The system said.

'What did I just do..?' I thought. I carefully opened my eyes and sat up! I could see again! And I wasn't tied up!

"It doesn't end like this little kid. WE WILL BE BACK SOON! AND DESTROY YOU! NOOOOOOOOOO!" The mysterious person in the shadow screamed in anguish. Their hand grabbed a tree and took it… I looked around and I was back… at the place where the light was burning my eyes… but instead the door was opened.

"Sissy! It's Alisa, come back!-"

"No! Don't listen to her, it's me Alisa! Your sisters are waiting in the cabin!..." The other Alisa said.

I was confused and didn't go the way where the note dropped last time. Because maybe the robot Alisa was still living… I walked to the open door. As I did… they were smiling so large… I walked faster to the opened door and ran to Alisa and hugged her…

"Perfect…" Alisa said. And then she patted me.. And took me away… "HELP! HELP!" I yelled.