Where did it go, hm? That lust of ambition, the desire in your eye, the stench of disappointment at your current predicament.

You came to me with failure crusted beneath your fingernails like dirt, begging on your knees for a reversal of fate. I thought it was clear then that you would not stop until you'd achieved all that you could. But at that moment, your weakness outshone your strength; your submissive nature over took the raw beastial energy trapped within. No dignity, no pride, just a soul and a handful of sins. It was pathetic...and delightful.

Honest humans are hard to come by; I've learned to not trust their words, no matter how silver-tongued they believe themselves to be. My standards have certainly lowered over time, but I thought you were different. I thought I could mold you into an honest being. What a failure that turned out to be, huh?

I created you, shaped you into what you are, and you have the audacity to refrain yourself from the power I have laid right at your fingertips? I lifted you from the mud, I bathed you in blood and fire, so that you could go forth and achieve great things. It was I who struck down those who opposed you, I cleared the path to your success, I who whispered the secrets of life in your dreams. I've completed my task; you have failed me. Contentment isn't something you deserve, not after all we've been through, not after all we've done.

...I think I will take what is mine now. For the record, however, I must say that I had a pleasure doing business with you. It was an experience I will never forget.