Denise picked up the box of garbage bags and opened the door to Charlie's room. The house was quiet and the only sound was the rain falling outside, everything was covered in dust. Been putting it off all month, she thought to herself, too long. But if I don't start now, I never will. Besides, Beth's already arranged for the truck to come tomorrow. She looked around the small room and decided to start with the bed. Stripping off the blankets and sheets, she folded them, wrapped them in a garbage bag, and put them aside. I wonder if I should take Beth up on her offer? I've never been to New York. But it's a long way to move. She opened the dresser drawers, picked up Charlie's clothes and started to bag them. Maybe I should stay here? She opened the closet door and started pulling down shirts from hangers. Cam keeps telling me to apply for that Assistant Manager position. Hell, he even said he'd put in a good word for me with the owners. Tying the bags closed, she set them aside, picked up another and turned to face Charlie's desk. Empty pill bottles were lined up across the left side. Why did he keep these? she wondered. Picking up one, she looked at the label. The name was unfamiliar and the bottle was cracked on one side. Was he picking these out of the trash? Why? Who knows? She shrugged and swept them all in the garbage bag. A few figurines posed in front of the windowsill. She picked up one and looked at it. Cam had been cleaning out the lost and found box, when she'd seen it and asked to take it home. Charlie had been so happy! He'd practically jumped for joy when she'd given it to him! She smiled at the memory, sniffed, and tucked it in her pocket. The rest followed the pill bottles into the bag. The last thing on top of the desk was the almanac. She picked it up and flipped through the pages. Wonder why he liked it so much, she thought. It had already been two years old when he'd grabbed it from that freebie box. She dropped it in the bag. Opening a drawer, she pulled out his binoculars and looked at them. They still seemed in good condition. She tossed it across the room and it landed on the bags of clothing. Reaching in again, she found and tossed several loose sheets of paper with writing on them, underneath those was a small spiral-bound notebook. She pulled it out and opened it. There were rows of numbers, she recognized dates and times, written in his familiar chicken scratch handwriting. What is this? She turned to another page, but it was the same. She turned a few more pages, but no answers jumped out. Finally, she tossed it in the trash and opened the next drawer. It held a few more figurines. She threw those away, too. The rest of the desk was empty. Sighing, she picked up the full garbage bag and walked out to the alley to throw it away.