Hi guys, WPS here! Here's a poem about the Nazis and the Jews at the time of WWII.
We had been inspired by countless books about it such as "Darkest Hour" and "Born Survivors".

Written by Artemis's Hunt, beta-read by booklover108-6(1234booklover, on fanfiction). Love you guys, enjoy :).

Here you go!

Fighting inside and out

~"They didn't want them only dead on the outside, they wanted them dead on the inside as well" -Unknown

Dedicated to those who kept fighting.

And to those who lost the fight.

In the brutal Nazi camps.


Will you hate or love the day?

When your hate just go away?

Broken and alone?

The inevitable only postponed?

Families gone apart?

Your pain is off the charts?

Brothers and sisters gone?

Just at this dawn?




Will you hate or love the day?

When your love just goes away?

Ending all the pain?

Taking off the chains?

Giving up the fight?

Seeing God's light?

Death reuniting?

Friends and family uniting?




Will you hate or love the day?

When your breath is taken away?

Dying in no honor?

Before the monster of all monsters?

Let the Nazis win?

Let them destroy your kin?

Except you already knew...

You were dead before.

The gunshot in all it's galore.

Dead inside.

Losing the internal fight.

Or did you?




~"Some were born survivors, all were born to be dead" -Unknown

A/N First of all, disclaimer: We had no intention of offending any Germans or Jews! This was all in the past and we did not mention about how Germans and Jews are like today (they are great!). So please do not be offended! I think that Germans and Jews are amazing people and should be treated so! I also hope no Germans and Jews were offended just because we brought up this dark history and if you are, may I mention that countless authors have done so as well.

We hope you liked this poem! Leave a review if you want and if you don't, then do whatever you want.

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