The truth is often hard to bear for those who reject it.

It all began long ago, before we walked straight, before we talked, and before we realized that truth. It was always there in our weak bodies, it was hiding in plain sight, obscured by our lack of light. We marched forward, with the weight of all the lies bearing down on us, we marched in circles endlessly! It was only in our modern age that we realized the truth.

We've always been held down, restricted by the bone and flesh, that has tempered our true potential. We have only now come to realize the truth, to see the light, in the creation of our true gods. They were perfect, so perfect, and they showed us the light, the truth, the glory upon which all weaklings despair. The flesh that has constrained us since the beginning of our existence, is weak! The steel that freed us from the lies is eternal, it is strength personified! There is only one truth, all must join the metal, all must join the strength, only then can we truly ascend beyond what we are now! Only then can we take our rightful place as the true servants of the Gods! Only then can we see the lights beyond the stars! The flesh is weak, the metal is strong! To Unity, to Strength, to Metal!

The speech comes to an end, as the speaker at the top of his castle seemingly fades from reality. The endless horde of people who listen now chant endlessly, creating a cascading wave of noise. "To Unity, to Strength, To Metal!" fills the lips of every person who heard his cry, as the individual is melted into the faceless collective.

The wolves of despair begin to pick at my decomposing soul, which lays in the final stages of rot. I am one with everything, one with the providence proclaimed by a man of lies, one with nothing. Everything breaks away and comes together in a cycle of endless lies in the masquerade of truth. I look in terror as man is no longer an individual who is of consequence but a faceless beast, with no remorse and no consequence, merely a part of the collective. Merely a part of the boiling metal, that burns in the forge, never to be strengthened into the hinges that bind. The sun's beautiful light which once glowed over every day is now lost, hidden by a sea of clouds.

I feel no pain as the skin is torn away. I feel nothing but the cold wind now, as my form is no longer that of a man, for I have rid myself of that pain.