And so it is that this shall be delivered to everyone.

No man is left behind in such things, nothing left untouched in this, all things brought forth to be assimilated, to be consumed, to become one. That is what we all slave to achieve! It is what we have slaved to achieve, the pinnacle of all things, to be delivered from the self! Don't you hear them? Their chants are constant, repetitive, eternal as the steel they are, for we are beyond becoming! We already are, made one by the grandest of hands, for there is nothing!




Nothing but Metal!

Nothing but the Metal and the Heat!

Nothing but the Metal, the Heat, and a thousand wails!

Nothing but the Metal, the heat, and overwhelming strength, oh, oh, hail before them!

Hail unto them forever more, and allow yourself to be stripped of flesh, become as me and my brothers, a part of something greater yet of something that would never be more then oneself! Isn't their providence grand, their eminence holy, and yet here we are as nothing?

It surges forth, it leaves nothing, it takes and takes, taking until it can take no more, a tour of destruction, self included.

No need to worry, this is merely the fate of all, and death is but a fleeting experience now. The rebirth is far worse. I have no skin, no hands to touch, no eyes to see, no ears to hear, nothing, yet I am here. Yet I still remember, I remember the way they flayed me, gouged out my eyes, took my ears and nose. Then they went to the fire, and I soon followed them.

It's growing dark, yet I am not scared for myself.

Until the edge of the galaxy is reached, and there is nothing but itself, fleeting as it was long, a walking contradiction; The only humanity left.