Sebastian Azure tossed aside his state-issued armor and celestial saber—lost, bleeding out, and gazing into the despair of the moon high above him. Howling into the nothingness for the life he had once had.

He would not be here if it weren't for the war with the Orysis—plotting in their fortresses on other worlds. Rulers of a distant and resource–devoid system attempting to control the furthest reaches of the Boreal galaxy. Sebastian's blood soaked the moss that canvassed the remains of the archaic ruins that sheltered him now. Remnants made by an extinct race long forgotten, known to no higher being or order.

As he laid there dying, his eyes fixated on the transient body in the starless sky. He knew his unit would not find him and that he would be lost like these ruins to this strange singing alien world.

Belfour was rumored to be a decaying planet, bubbling with gross and gaseous toxins. It was thought to be constructed of spiraling canyons and noxious magenta rock. The planet was a more recent discovery from Gambrel's End—a lightless trench that has scarred the Boreal system even before its colonization. The tear in what seems to be space-time has impeded trade routes, wealthy industrialists, and federations alike across its blind vastness. Independent researchers and state-recognized astronomers have marveled over the enigma of the void that engulfs the hidden and possibly vacant space of its region, innocent to its depth and secrets. Navigators and vagrants of Boreal also avoid jumping through at all costs for fear of the primeval existence that allegedly conceals itself there. Whispers of apparitions that pollute its soils and ravishes its stars within its eternal gyre. These tales fluctuate from the closer planets and cities near Gambrel's End, and although there have been minor expeditions into the void most of it remains uncharted. There are only a handful of tales that have returned from its space beyond.