"Guess who?" A voice said, slipping hands over Akuma's eyes.

Akuma was home alone, as always.

She didn't even turn around, just tossed a handful of salt over her shoulder and listened as the creature writhed and died, fading into a puddle of vile smelling goop. As much as she wanted to believe the familiar voice was Midori, she knew it was just another monstrosity.

Lightning flashed, illuminating the dark, dusty room and the skeletal woman sitting at her computer, reading fanfiction.

A notification popped up in her inbox tab. Someone had messages her on the mmorpg she had been on a couple minutes ago.

The game was another urban magic AU which promised cringe OCs, epic fights, love triangles, the usual. Her character just finished de-infesting zombies in the west part of the city, and was at a local bar to celebrate. The other player she was talking to, TheLastHeliumBender, had asked if she knew anything about the old house a little ways out of town. Akuma chuckled a little to herself.

"Yeah I know it. It's getting released in an hour or two, right?"

"Ya wanna meet up and explore it when it's open? "

"Its gonna be packed. Everyone's gonna be there. "

"Who cares, dude, It'll be fun anyway. "

"K, you convinced me, meet me there in an hour?"

"Deal. "

Akuma laughed again. It was too ironic to be possible that she was meeting someone to explore an online version of her OWN FUCKING HOUSE. Probably one of the more famous haunted houses in Ontario, the infamous Bass House (pronounced like the fish, not the drum) held more than its fair share of monsters, her included, it was an obvious choice for the mmorpg. Hell, she even had a cameo in the game, sorta.

Not really. After watching the trailer on youtube, and seeing herself portrayed as your typical victorian tragic ghost lady, she burst out laughing, alerting several phantoms to her location.

In reality, the seven foot tall monster with bull-like horns and a skull-like face wasn't exactly pretty.

Lightning broke again, snapping Akuma out of her reverie. She looked back down at her computer and sighed, about to go back to fan fiction when the page crashed.

She checked the Wi-Fi with growing annoyance and dread. Yup, Wi-Fi was dead, and it looked like the power was out too. Shit.

She stood, letting the blanket drop from around her shoulders, and shivered. Now that the power was out, the magnetic fields that kept most of the bad down in the basement were dead.

She took her computer and leapt up the stairs to her room, leaving it in her nest and locking the door behind her. She pierced the tip of her finger with her fang, and smeared a drop of blood onto the door, insuring the hounds would leave the door alone. She began the trek to laundry room. Through hallway, down the rickety stairs, into the blackout zone where she walked in pitch darkness on a catwalk over the void, the souls below calling out.

The laundry room was near the back door, and after a quick dash across the kitchen to avoid being spotted by the Eye, she entered the room and was immediately bathed in the cool, pale yellow light that dominated the room.

It was coming from the coffin, which sat haphazardly on top of an old bathtub, and, as she always did upon entering that room, Akuma opened the frosted glass lid of the coffin to reveal the angelic being inside.

Midori was the most beautiful thing Akuma had ever seen. Their curly, rose colored hair rested in locks on the pillow, small, childlike body in a simple silk nightgown.

Their face was drawn into a frown, and simply by looking at them it was impossible to know if they were a boy or a girl. Akuma didn't know if they were a boy or a girl, but it didn't matter, she loved them. She had one memory of Midori's voice. It haunted her. The sweet whispering, assuring Akuma it was going to be ok. That was 3,000 years ago, when Akuma's memories began.

Somehow she knew that if Midori woke up, she would be free. She wouldn't be confined to this house anymore, not condemned to a life of isolation. Coincidentally, Midori had the only working clock in the house, and by some curse or bad luck, every other clock couldn't hold time worth a damn. Akuma checked Midori's watch. It was 4:15 P.M..

After brushing a curl off Midori's face, Akuma lowered the lid, and went to the electric box in the corner. She opened it, hoping that simply turning it off and back on again would work. And it did! the power in the room came back on, the washing machine making a beeping noise to signify that it was working.

Akuma glanced at the frosted box one more time before leaving the room.

The Eye was on the door when she opened it, so she ducked behind the island, crawling on all fours into the blackout zone. She stood in a hurry, eager to not let the souls below anywhere near her face. She hurried back to her room, ready to get her computer and fuck around in the mmorpg some more. But as she passed the living room door, Akuma felt an aura of fear wash over her. She looked into the living room, where the only light came from a chandelier hanging thirty feet in the air. But a new light shown now, two tiny pinpricks of luminous green. Akuma breathed a ball of light into the room, illuminating the hound.

As tall as she was, decaying gray with stringy black hair running down its back, nose moving around like a small elephant trunk, the abomination shuffled towards her on uneven feet. She charged it, impaling it with her horns.

The thing slapped its clammy hands on her back but disappeared before doing any harm. She took a shuddering breath, and headed back to her room to get her laptop, locking the door from the inside. She sat in her nest, opened the computer, and types in her password. After refreshing the page, the inbox tab held one message. It was from TheLastHeliumBender.

"Ready to go? Meet me the front door"

She maneuvered her character to the in game Bass House, and found her friend waiting for her, as expected.