If you meet a cat in town, please don't ever say,

That his whiskers are all rumpled, it will quite ruin his day.

And don't ever offer handshakes to your average passing ghost,

For she simply can't return it, she's less corporeal than most.

And if you meet a selkie who you wish to be polite,

Don't ever ask to take her coat, she'll run away in fright.

For every single creature has a different standard, see,

What's barbaric to them might be civil to you and me,

And what's polite and expected and the epitome of class

To a lobster, might be heinous to your average human lass.

So if you find a dog, and all in play he bites you,

Don't scold or or shout or run about! For to him, that's playing too.

And if in your daily passings, you chance to meet a troll,

When he offers you a baby frog, just smile and take the tadpole.