The Garden of Hope

His Hope was like a white rose:
She is a weed, in a way,
But also a flower.
She determinedly planted herself
Into his heart,
Staying no matter how many times
The cruel, pre-hired gardener came for the trimming.

Her rosy color calmed him;
Her sweet smell comforted him;
The mere thought of her filled him with joy.
And a prick from time to time was worth it.
He had loved her with all of his heart.

But over time,
He had gone tired of looking at her
And giving her his care.
He had just spent too much money,
Too much time,
Too much energy, he thought.

So one day he dug her
Up from the roots
And made sure nothing is left behind.

That was the day he lost Hope.

I wrote this back in 2018, and oh wow, that was a long time ago. Hope you enjoyed.

- Sepharim