Key: A minor


Verse 1 (Am Em Dm Am F C Dm G)

Not so very long ago, we were happy all the time

I was yours, and you were mine, little did I know

Verse 2 (Am Em Dm Am F C Dm G C)

That you would leave me sad and blue, wondering where our love went wrong

Was it just fate all along, that I would lose you?

(All instruments drop out until *)

Bridge (Fm Cm D# C# Fm Cm F# Bb Bbm)

You were the only *one in my heart

I thought we would never part

But if you'll take me back again

I won't let you down

(Transitional chords: Dm E Am)

Verse 3 (same as verse 1)

Why does it always seem to be that your true love walks away

When there's still so much to say, baby can't you see

Verse 4 (same as verse 2)

That the happiness that you bring, means more than you'll ever know

That's why I'm telling you so, you're my everything

Bridge (same chords and lyrics)

Verse 5 (same as verse 1)

So I hope you see that I'm sincere, 'cos I just can't go on

If my only love is gone, I need to have you near

Verse 6 (same as verse 2)

And if you should change your mind, you know I'll be there for you

I'll be there to care for you, we could leave the past behind

(End on Am)