"Make it snappy, I'm in a hurry." Henry said. He closed the salon door behind him and sat down in the barber chair.

The barber smiled sarcastically. "Why so rushed, grandpa?"

Henry have the man a look that could freeze Hell. The barber, a young man with short blond hair, simply chuckled under his breath and handed Henry an unusually fancy brush. Sapphire blue, looking almost like cut crystal, it was very cool I the touch. The youth and their eccentricities.

"What are you doing?" Henry asked tiredly.

"Need you to brush it yourself." The barber said.

Henry sighed and ran the odd brush through his hair. Immediately, he felt the hair thicken and straighten. Henry scowled and looked in the mirror. His messy, graying hair had become perfectly straight and lost its silver sheen, now the distinct chestnut brown Henry was familiar with. It has attained the cut he had desired, as well.

"What the devil?" He muttered, looking closer. His hair had gotten fifteen years younger in seconds.

He turned to the barber in disbelief.

"What are you playing at, boy?"

" Nothing, nothing sir. No games here. "

Henry pointed exasperatedly at his now perfect hair.

The barber stroked his chin.

"I could explain it, or I could just-" he said, cutting himself off. Before Henry had time to respond, the barber reached into his pocket pulled out a pinch of silver dust, and tossed it in the man's face. Henry blinked, and smiled.

"Excellent work!" He said, examining his hair, " it's almost like magic. How much do I owe you, lad? "

"Thirty dollars, sir." The barber said.

Henry opened his wallet and handed the barber the money, before shaking his hand.

"I'll be back next time I need a haircut." He said, existing the room.

The barber chuckled.

"That never gets old."

He walked across the room to a cabinet. He opened the cabinet, knocking on the interior wall.

The brownie woke up with a snort, looking sleepily up at him.

"You don't have to wake me up every time you finish. " he grumbled.

"I sorta do though. You refuse to give me enough dust for more than one customer at a time."

"Darn right. Can't have you cheating me. " the brownie said in a joking voice.

The barber ruffled his friend's hair and tossed fifteen dollars into the cabinet, pocketing the other fifteen. The brownie rubbed his hands together, opening them to reveal another pinch of glittery silver dust.

There was a knock at the door.

"Come on in!" The barber said. A young woman with lavender hair opened the door.

"What can I do for you?" he asked.

"Just a touch up. " She said.

"On it," the barber said breezily, picking up the brush from the counter where he had left it.