she entered the big building; a big hall, big shining lamps, big glass windows that revealed the green flocks of trees outside; walking in the hall she knew that inside, there stood god; she headed towards him; a white small table, a white chair where god was sitting; as soon as she saw him he was talking to her; but it was in low voice so she kept asking to him to speak louder; then she thought she understood something but was not sure what he said so she asked him to repeat; he did not; and somehow she understood that god was not speaking in english; she was hearing the words he would say and they sounded dry, without shape and form; she thought that could not be a language at all; she could not imagine a language sound like that; it was obvious she could not understand god; but what made a lasting impression to her was that even god could not understand her; he would not raise his voice she she asked him to do so;