Why is the world full of pain? Why are we, as humans, burdened with suffering? As a Christian, I was raised to believe that it was simply punishment for the sins of generations past. But God is a God of love and hates to see His creation burdened with such problems.

So, what if Christianity has come to the wrong conclusion? Most people say we have. That our faith in God is misplaced and outdated, pointing to logic fallacies and the passing of time to justify their claims. But I refuse to believe in a world where no God exists as that leaves even more unanswered questions then believing in Him. But alas, I not one clever or smart enough to address such arguments and ultimately fruitless conversations. Both sides are too heavily encamped in their beliefs to ever be swayed by the other. Right?

Well, I guess not. The Atheist who begs God for aid in the face of physical danger and the Christian who turns from Him in the face of spiritual darkness tell me as such. There is a hidden truth to the world, regardless of your beliefs. Whether we agree on the minutia of life or not, the fact remains that we all face the same question: Do we pursue love or passion?

Do we pursue passion, the immediate gratification with life that flees from us the second we blink, traveling faster than sound and light to avoid our constricting touch? Passion, which tells us that we must ignore the darker side of Life's almighty fist in favor of the many benefits that we can achieve in from it. We villainize those who only pursue their addictions but is it so wrong to avoid the raw horrors that surround us, even if for only a second. It only makes sense to bury the shadows and darkness beneath the girl of our dreams, our favorite foods, or in the haze of drug fueled mania. It only makes sense to shield ourselves with delicious food and internet to prevent the arrows of life from striking home.

Or do we pursue Love, whose game of chance leaves all of her players scarred and scorched. Is it worth being knocked down ten times if number eleven is the right one? Is it worth the fighting and uncertainty just to find not only the ONE, but true friends, the perfect job, and even the right pets?

So why do we, as humans, have to choose? Why must we choose between earning love while facing the darkness and giving away our lives to addictions and passions while dodging the darkness? Or did we ever have to actually choose? What if we just grew so accustomed to things getting easier and easier that we forgot the realm of possibilities available to us when we pursued true love. What if we created this conflict ourselves and now, we can't figure out how to stop this raging virus from spreading across society like wildfire. Or what if it simply us test of humanities real value, constructed for us by God, fate, or the universe?

There are so many unanswered questions in this world where the sum total of humanities knowledge can be found with ease. Did we squander our resources and abilities on meaningless passions, or do is the answer as hidden as love, a small nugget of info buried at the bottom of the metaphorical Mariana Trench of human knowledge? I guess I will know when He deems me worthy of the information.