Unsolicited School

By Silentkil_

Hello, this is my very first fanfiction ever. And I hope you enjoy it. This will be my first project in writing. I maybe bad in English because I'm Indonesian. But I will try to continue to make the story until I finished. This idea came about a month ago before I start writing this first chapter (25/06/2020), I was actually want to write it, but I don't have an intention yet to write it down.

Chapter 1

Exposition of the Transferred Sophomore

Now please tell me, about the school sir…

Okay, now tell me from the begin-

The sudden brake from the public bus woke Robbie from his continuous morning sleep as the bus pulled over like a Captain harshly parked his pirate ship at the deck. Also, his dream was taken away before he saw it. His sleep last night was taken away as he was preparing his stuff before he went to his new school, and he ended up sleeping at 1 AM. The cold air inside the bus hits Robbie like the last winter. Now it's time to go for him.

"I wish my parents weren't relocated, darn it," he whispered to himself. He stood up from his seat and walked through the dark blue carpet out the bus, but he was halted as another student who blocked his way through the exit to pick something that he can't see.

"Hurry up, dude! You're on the way" said Robbie with his emotion mixed between a confused and a little bit of anger. But the student obeyed him without saying any word. He continued to walk calmly to the school entrance like he doesn't give a care what just happened.

When Robbie was about to yell at him, he was confused. First, that student also walked to his school, which reminds him of his memories 4 days ago before he went to his school for the first time. "There are 2 transfer students, including him," Robbie assumed that student the guy. Second, he has tall and well-built. Also has black mullet hair like him, but thicker and longer. His appearance almost similar to Robbie, but a little bit short and probably left-handed (as Robbie saw him took something with his left hand on the ground). Robbie thought if the other students consider if Robbie and that student is a twin-brother.

But in the end, Robbie had to think about the problems later. He saw the white-blue painted bus moved away, the reflection of the bus generates some funny distorted appearance of him and the other students. Before he walked into the school entrance, he looked at his wristwatch that was given by his dad one year ago. That wristwatch still shiny and functional since his dad bought it in 1997. The combination of the hands showed the time 7:30 AM.

He finally stepped inside the schoolyard officially for the first time, but he doesn't feel happy. Instead, he felt a bit ashamed as the student confused with him and also the new student that he accidentally tailed. One thing that Robbie was worried about if the students think if Robbie and that dude are twins, and what happened when some of the students don't like him? or, even worse, bullied him? His anxiousness made his stomach felt a little bit hurt, but thanks to his calm (and maybe frightening) face, he able to hide his feelings as he walked past some students in front of him.

While he's walking through the school fountain, Robbie heard three girls talk about him.

"Is he transferred?" asked the first girl.

"Maybe, because we've never seen him before," answered the second girl.

"By the way, he's handsome and nice-built like the in front of him," said the third girl in little bit amazement.

Robbie and the transfer student glanced at the girls since they're quite close to them. The girls immediately silent and looked away as their voices are being heard. Felt a little bit scared, the girls moved away from them. When they're already distant, they start talking.

"Oh my gosh, they look cool!" said the third girl while hiding her happy face.

"Yeah, maybe we better stay away from them, we should not stress him like that before. However, this is their first day," said the second girl.

"Come on, that doesn't matter. Let's meet those boys at lunch break. Maybe we can ask them to hang out with us after school,"

The time passed as Robbie walked to his shoe locker, that gray steel locker was cold, emotionless as the students changed their shoes, the shoe locker still does its job "To keep the owner's shoes safe and sound," The shoe locker itself has three vents, the number, and a handle. The handle also has a white-emotionless color. Robbie's locker number is 192, which is at the upper right end of the locker.

Just before he wanted to change his shoes, Robbie stared at his wristwatch again. It's 7:40 AM. He muttered, "Whoa, 10 minutes of walk to the locker. I can't believe the time's moving fast," and he reminds of his own mutter with two lines from a poem.

Time going slow, the minutes feel like hours

Just a pitch-black all I see

But this time, he modified the line with Time moving fast, the seconds seem like minutes. The shoe lockers all I see.

While Robbie was about to change his shoes, he saw that student again. His locker number is 191. That student just changed his shoes. Being stared by Robbie, that student stared him back with a small frown.

Felt a little bit offended, Robbie scolds him, "What?"

"Nothing," he replied.

"Then why you staring at me?"

"Instead, why you staring at me?"

That student's reply hits Robbie like a reverse card to him. Knowing that was useless to argue with that annoying student in the early morning and Robbie is the first who was staring at him, he admitted his defeat.

"I don't know, I guess," Robbie answered sourly.

Robbie changed his shoes with the indoor one and closed the locker without looking at that student again. That student finally walked away out of his sight once Robbie closed his locker. I better stay away from him, but if he keeps messing with me, I had to warn him.

The time shifts again to 8:00 AM. Now the class begins.

The teacher looks like in the late 30s by looking at his wrinkles and his tidy hair. He also has a height of about 176 cm, 5 cm shorter than Robbie. Also, by his appearance, he's an experienced teacher. Today, he wears a baby blue shirt with a grey sweater and work khakis. Paired with his black oxford shoes made he like a young teacher.

"Okay, everyone. Today, we have a new student in our class. He's from Northwest City. This might be your day to say hello to him,"

Robbie walked into the class, heading to the teacher's desk calmly. The way he's walking looks like a haughty prince and a soldier in Independence Day. All of the students in the class look at him in silence. Only the boy's footsteps to be heard. Meanwhile, Robbie was thinking if the students look at him like a clown who wants to show his pathetic performance.

It's now or nothing, the moment of truth, what will these students will judge me? Good or bad?

Robbie took a breath from his chest, which made his appearance sturdy as a commander. And he threw the small smile from his face.

"Hello everyone, my name is Ryou Nakata. You can call me Robbie, which is my name in my previous school. Also, I will explain how it got that name. Back in my previous school, there's a tourist, which is my friend. He called me Robbie, and eventually, my friends got to know my nickname. Also, they knew my name from a modern drama called "Box of Golden Objects," where I played the role of the same name."

"The reason that I want to keep this name is that I love this name. It feels like "Robbie" is part of me. Nice to meet you, and I hope we all can get along. Thank you,"

All of those words that Robbie has spoken was actually planned the day before he went to school. He gathered all the things to introduce, then he arranged it a couple of times until he made the perfect introduction of himself. The way he's sorting the sentences is similar to a robber and a hacker who planned to perform a heist in a national bank, and they successfully take everything and leave without any single trace.

On the other hand, Robbie's heartbeat pounded rapidly like a mouse being chased by a cat and finally escaped as Robbie introduced himself. But again, his face and appearance still calm as water made him able to do it.

"Okay, Robbie. Thank you for introducing yourself, now you can go to your seat," said the teacher like the voice of good news. Robbie's seat is located in the back left of the desk. In other words, his desk is number 32 (as the lineup is from left to right). Again, Robbie walked to his seat, where his pose while walking similar to a commander or a robot.

The teacher continued his speaking after Robbie took a seat, "Okay, That's all for today's introduction. Hope you all get along with him. And if you have any additional questions, you can ask him after the class,"

The teacher began the lesson by taking the chalk and his book. He stood up vigorously, and Robbie's first lesson in the new school begins.

"Alright, students. Let's start with a warmup session before we start the main lessons…"

It's finally high noon, time for the school bell to ring.

"Alright, kids. That's today's lessons. I hope you can solve the problem of what happened with "The Day of Inquisition" and see you next time. Class dismissed," the teacher finished the current lesson. The students greeted him before he walked out of the class.

After the teacher left the class, Robbie leaned back lazily and dropped both his arms, and left them hanging. His body was drowned in the laziness while his mind was a big tornado of previous lessons and what to do next. A mixture between past and future without any kind of a present event enough to make him focused on thinking. A weapon to kill his boredom while doing nothing.

While Robbie was thinking about what to do next, his focus broke as some students walked towards him. Looks like the additional questions. I guess.

At first, only seven students come to ask. Those students ask Robbie vigorously like some paparazzi trying to satisfy their lust of information about a successful rapper.

"Hey, Robbie! Where do you live?"

"Hey, Robbie! What is your phone number?"

"Hey, Robbie! Wanna hang out with us?"

"Hey, Robbie! What's your favorite color?"

"Hey, Robbie! I like your mullet hair, you're cool!"

"Hey, Robbie! Can you please teach me that English lesson?"

"Hey, Robbie!..."

The atmosphere became hotter and crowded as the other students curious about him. And thus, more students swarmed him and asked more questions. Robbie didn't answer any one of them because he was too dizzy to determine who will be the first one to answer. Feel cornered by some cats who want to prey on one tiny mouse. Finally, Robbie has the courage to speak up.

"Everyone, calm down!" Robbie's voice was enough to make the whole class fall silent. And the students who crowd around him simultaneously recoiled. Nevertheless, Robbie's voice wasn't loud. He didn't shout or yell at those students. Now it's time the guilt came to him before he answered the whole question. But if he had to, he will lose the time to lunch. Should I call this procrastinate? I don't think so.

"I'm sorry that I yelled at you. But I can't answer your question if you race each other for your answers, okay? So please calm down. I will answer your question. Go ahead, ask me one by one".

"Me first!" said one of the students. The guy with wavy hair asked the first question. Robbie nodded.

"Where do you live, Robbie?"

"I lived at the southwest suburban, Cherry street, number 7,"

"Thanks, Robbie. Maybe we can hang out with each other later, will you?"

Robbie didn't answer. But he only nods.

"Okay, now it's my turn! I want to ask about your hometown. I heard Northwest City is a beautiful place and many tourists visited there. Is that true?"

"Yes. But it's only at the center and east coast of the city. Why?"

"Are there a lot of malls in your city?"

"Yes. Maybe you can visit there and have fun with your family."

And thus, Robbie continued to answer the questions of the students for five minutes. However, his stomach rumbled and yelled at him for food. Robbie wants to leave. But the endless of questions withstood him from the seat. But the time never tolerates anyone. It will move at the same speed no matter who regret their choices that'll affect their future, even one second. It was Robbie's fault to not ask them to stop asking him. If he stayed in his seat, there would be no lunch for him. I wish someone could stop this endless QNA session, please.

Speak of the devil, a girl at the front seat finally alarmed the students around Robbie to leave.

"Hey guys, quit it. You waste his time for lunch. Look!" the girl pointed at the clock. The clock told Robbie that he only has 20 minutes left for lunch. Otherwise, he'll miss the lunchtime, and he will be starving until the end of school.

All of the students including Robbie, looked at the clock, the time's moving on and never stop to help someone in the class.

"You all better get lunch soon, or you have to give him some food to compensate his lunchtime loss!" the girl finally saved Robbie from those students who will endlessly ask him. At last, the students left Robbie and proceed to their own lunchtime and their own activity. Some students bring their own lunch, and some of them left the class to get to the cafeteria.

Without further ado, Robbie left his seat and walked to the cafeteria. Finally, the freedom to walk out as someone gave him the "get out of jail" card for free. But he hasn't there yet. When he at the doorway, the girl who saved Robbie halted him by calling out his name.

"Wow, that's how you treat me? The person who saved you from the endless Quahog and Albatross?" asked the girl. Her face was calm, added with her sweet smile to make a perfect caption of the girl. But the way she talks was quite menacing and made Robbie pulled back into the class.

Before Robbie replied to the girl. He realized that she is the girl that talked about him and the new student in the schoolyard earlier, along with her two friends that probably in a different class.

"Uh… sorry, my bad. And thank you for helping me. By the way, what is "Quahog and Albatross?" I'm never heard about it. What kind of stuff was that?

"Nah, that's okay, and that doesn't matter what it is. Let's go to the cafeteria together. Your stomach will upset if you stay here for long" The girl persuaded Robbie to walk out to lunch together.

They finally walk through the hallway, where the hallway itself wasn't empty nor crowded. There are some students that enough to fill the atmosphere. The window on the right let the sunlight emits the warm and its natural brightness in the hallway. Some of the students saw Robbie as they realize they never saw him before. But he did not worry about it, as long as the girl talked to him.

"Again, thanks for helping me and walk together with me through the hallway. By the way, what is your name? you didn't tell me before." Robbie asked.

"Oh, sorry about that, I forgot to tell you. My name is Nino. Nice to meet you. And it's okay, I actually want to go to the cafeteria too, I rarely bring lunchbox."

Okay, her name is Nino. This is the first student that I know the name in this school. Cool. I look like a loner right now. Robbie glanced at her. Nino's appearance is beautiful. Judging by Robbie's height, she's around 163 cm tall and slender body. With a medium brown hair that she arranged it to kururinpa (I know the hairstyle, but I can't explain it. Google it) makes her as the beautiful girl that came from another city. Plus, her tamarind eyes hypnotize Robbie and enough to make him drown in her eyes.

"Robbie, are you listening to me?" Nino's question break Robbie's thoughts about her appearance.

"Oh, sorry. I lost my focus back there, forgive me."

"It's okay, don't be scared, Robbie. By the way, I'm asking you about your appearance. You look cool, with a little bit hot tho. Are you love to stay in shape?"

Robbie felt embarrassed by Nino's compliment. He can't believe at least someone would like to compliment him. But still, Robbie felt worried if the other student talked about him and afraid of the other student that will excommunicate him. Which reminds Robbie about his past. Back in elementary, where some of the students bullied him because being a loner. He doesn't get any friends before. Until he attended middle school, where he has some friends. But, the fear still remained inside him until today.

"Uh.. yeah, I love to stay in shape, I always work out in the morning like do some pushups, weights, and short exercises," said Robbie with his face blushed.

"Whoa, that was so cool, I love such person than the lazy no-life people who slack off, playing games, and watch some anime. Hoping that someone will come to them," said Nino amazedly.

Robbie blushed again. When he wants to continue to reply. He saw that new student. He was standing next to the doorway, waiting for someone.

"Hey, Mullet. Wait up!" said someone inside the class.

"Yeah, sure,"

And the person left the class. He talked to that student.

"Dude, sorry for the holdup, let's go to the cafeteria,"

"Sure thing, Kano," said that new student while seeing his new friend eagerly come to him.

"Dude, it's so cool that your nickname is Mullet, it feels like your name was straight outta the 80s," said Kano and followed by his snickers.

"Robbie? Who do you see?" Nino was confused as she saw Robbie looked at someone in front of him.

"Oh, uhh.. nothing," Robbie replied.

"Are you looking at that new student?"


"Maybe you can talk to that guy and befriend him,"

"Uhh.. sure thing," Robbie answers doubtfully.

Only want to make more trouble? Of course. Robbie finally knew his name (at least his nickname) without asking him directly, because he knows "directly touching a hot pan just hurt yourself" Therefore, he better stay away from Mullet.

Finally, I know you.

Mullet, huh? What a nice nickname, tho.

To Be Continued…

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