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Chapter 38



The bus stop was already filled with some students when Mullet speeded his way there. Not to forget, Robbie is also present – standing next to the pole that holds the roof. Knowing his friend was next to him, Robbie turned his head 135 degrees to the left.

"Hey," Robbie raised his right hand.


After Mullet pinned himself next to Robbie, the metallic white-blue bus arrived with its air brake screeching – calling the passengers to get in. As usual, they quickly occupied the back seat, where they usually sit.

After a few meters away from the school, Mullet stopped sticking his head against the window like a desperate person. He checks Robbie first, ensuring that he is not sleeping yet.


"Hmm?" Robbie faced him.

"You told me that Shouko is threatened, right?"

Robbie nodded.

"I just saw her got intimidated by those two," Mullet spoke in a lower volume.

"Wait. What?" Robbie raised his eyebrows upon knowing.

"She was doused by water, and Yuu slapped her with a notebook… oh yeah. They gave him the last chance. He said he doesn't want anyone to know what he will do tomorrow,"

"Probably to kill us?" Robbie asked with his eyes closed – tired of hearing the same word.

"Kind of. She also asked Yuu why they did those to her. He just answers, the less you know, the better," Mullet finished his explanation.

"That's obvious,"

"I recorded it back then. But my battery is dead. I am gonna show you tomorrow," Mullet pulled his phone and showed it to Robbie before putting it back in his pocket.


Knowing that Robbie behaves unusually, Mullet continues to talk.

"Robbie, are you okay? I feel like there is something's bothering you now,"

"I just tired of this all, Mullet. I just want to take a break, or probably kill myself now," Robbie clutched his head a few times.

"Don't be like that. You said that you want to get out of here. You want to escape from this, right? We are halfway there,"

Robbie didn't reply. He just threw his face from Mullet - telling him he needs some rest.

"Well… take your time. I hope you can get back up on your feet. I will continue to stare at these houses then,"

After all his night to-do list was completed, Mullet turned off the lights and bombed himself to the bed – releasing his final energy.

After a few hours of sleeping, he woke up inside the school with his uniform sticking to his body. The bed is replaced by (somehow) soft hallway tiles. The sunset brightens his eyes – forcing him to get up. I am in a dream, right?

Mullet gets up and looks around. Weird still, most of the hallway was gone, replaced by the darkness. Only the window and the hallway that leads to the stairway are visible.

"What the?"

Mullet followed the path. The hallway is replaced by the darkness as he moves up to the stairway that seems to have more floors than he expected. Wow. How many of it did I pass now?

After he passed several stairs, Mullet finally arrived at the hallway, which he roughly counted 30 stairs up. He keeps moving to the brightened path without knowing where it leads him to - only time will tell.

After about 80 meters of walking, drops of blood are visible on the floor. Though, Mullet continues to move forward whether he is scared or not. The endless treadmill for him is almost coming to an end as blood marks dragged to a broken glass door with some glass shards scattered through the hallway.

Mullet arrived at a teacher's office, where the blood trail led to a bloody bag leaned against the wall. There, Yuu and Kano are staring at it with the sun bathes them and giving an unsettling atmosphere.

"Looks like he's arrived," Kano spoke first.


They stopped looking at the bloody bag and turned their back to Mullet. He recoiled a bit as both Kano and Yuu are faceless. They step forward two meters away, and Yuu takes out a cellphone from his pocket, resulting in Mullet's surprise even more as his phone is there.

"Come here," Kano swung his hand backward.

"What?" Mullet replied after walking towards them.

"Looks like we have a witness here… who is trying to uncover our secrets and plans," Kano replied.

"Which this…," Yuu showed Mullet's phone, "…is the proof of it,"

Yuu opened the voice recorder app and played the recording that has the proof of them threatening Shouko. The cry, screams, and yells in it can be heard until it ends.

"This is enough to jeopardize our plans," Yuu continued, "Do you know what the consequences of doing so?"

"Give me that!"

Mullet tried to snatch his phone back. But Kano quickly aims his stun baton against him.

"Do you think you can show this to him? Then wish yourself luck. And as he said, the consequence is, you will be inside of that bag. Whether you, or your friend, or both," Kano continued with his hand is gripping the stun baton, "I think you should delete it,"

Yuu handed the phone, telling him to delete the recording. Meanwhile, Kano still aims the baton behind Mullet's head. However, Mullet did not move his finger to the delete button. He believes that he can move forward no matter what obstacles will kill him and Robbie.

"Don't you wanna delete it? Come on," Kano persuaded him.

"Or maybe I'll do it?" Yuu moved his palm, asking Mullet to hand his phone.

"Stay away from me," Mullet grunted.

"Hey. We are here trying to help you," said Yuu.

"You're not helping me,"

"It's better to be obedient than being dangerous, you know?" Yuu replied.

"Then I prefer being dangerous,"

"Just do it, or we force you to do it," Yuu speaks in an angrier tone.

"I'm gonna take my chances,"

Silence filled the atmosphere since there was no progress made. The three are still standing like a statue, and nobody wants to take action.

"He's not hearing us at all, right?" Kano asked.

Yuu nodded.

Kano quickly smashed Mullet with the stun baton. The electric shock quickly paralyzed him, and he collapsed to the ground like a corpse. His sight and hearing begin to fade away, replaced by a pitch-black and buzzes screeching out– trying to save him.

Day 40 – 21 days left

Mullet successfully escaped from the hellish dream, thanks to the alarm clock deafening his ears. A moment later, the sleep paralysis demon begins to leave him alone on the bed. He aimed his eyes at the buzzing sound and punched off the alarm from keep buzzing.

"Huh… probably a message…"

After his morning shower and breakfast that stuffed his stomach, Mullet decided to put his socks on the couch while listening to the weather news. The brightening screen from the TV recharges and makes him ready to go to school.

"…For this morning, the weather will be sunny for the rest of the day until the weekend. This is good news for everyone to grab out your backpack and go outside…,"

Mullet left the couch after listening to what he wanted: the weather forecast. Nevertheless, the sunny weather does not impact his feeling or even trigger his nerves. He is now barely desensitized.

He reached the bus stop after 8 minutes of walking from home. His eyes focus on Robbie, who is the only person sitting there.

"Hey," Robbie waved at him.

"I guess you're the first one here,"

"Yep. And that means we had to wait a bit longer," Robbie yawned after replying.

"I don't expect that you come here early,"

"I just woke up too early. I dunno," Robbie rubbed his eyes.

"Anyway," Mullet took out his phone, "as I said yesterday. I wanna show you the recording from last night,"


Mullet uses his thumb swiping the screen – opening the voice recorded app. He recalled he renamed the recording to Proof. But suddenly, when he opened the app, the supposed recording vanished from it. He tried to re-look three times. But it was just some random voice tapes were there.

"Are you sure you recorded it?" Robbie asked.

He tried once more by looking at his whole folder. But again, the proof was gone.

"I'm pretty sure I saved it before…," Mullet muttered.

"Alright, whatever. But you did see her last night, right?" Robbie stopped him.

"Mmhm," Mullet nodded.

"Well, at least you remembered that, and you told me about it. So, I guess that should be enough,"

"I'm sorry," Mullet put back his phone into his pocket.

"It's ok," Robbie pulled out a chocolate bar, "Chocolate?"


The bus stop is gradually occupied by some students and random passengers. Until about 20 of them are sitting there for their first ride. And about 5 minutes of waiting, the supposed vehicle screeched its engine – pulling over.

"Come on," Mullet pat Robbie's shoulder twice.

"Wait up!"

A sudden yell a few meters away from the bus freezes the two, who were about to put their foot inside. It's their friend, Kano, who arrived just in time before everyone entered the bus. Regardless of what happened, Robbie and Mullet continued and entered the bus – ignoring him.

"Don't ignore me like that. Come on," Kano tries to make himself noticed, but no one reacts.

Kano continues to annoy Robbie and Mullet by sitting next to them. He occasionally pats their shoulder, telling them something that already knows. Kano also tried to cheer him up in vain. Nothing happened except Robbie felt a bit irritated and decided to do something.

"Kano. Just stop it! What got into you lately?"

"What do you mean?" Kano replied densely.

"You don't even know what happened to yourself?" Robbie replied while Mullet just ignored it.

Kano shook his head.

"Well, recently I… I mean, we see you behave out of yourself like… you're annoying,"

"Huh? Can you prove that?"

"Darn…" Robbie facepalmed, "you're trying to cling to us at all times as someone told you to do so,"

Hearing what Robbie talked about just before. Mullet moved his sight to him without moving his head – realizing that Robbie just said something suspicious. Oh no, he slipped.

"So… you know about my true behavior?"

Kano directly shut the whole situation inside the bus. Even Robbie, who slipped, before tried to pull back his own words, while the fear made the air inside is getting colder. Unfortunately, Robbie had to continue to make a decision if they didn't want Kano to know.

"Well, I dunno. I just came here just more than a month. So, I do not really know you. But your recent behavior is obviously proven. Why don't you ask your classmate, which sits next to me?!" Robbie made his move.

"I don't wanna talk about it," Mullet skipped the conversation as Robbie got it under control.

"See? that's because of your weir attitude. We just feel a bit sick of it. Stop behaving like that because you are cringe as hell when you have that childhood-friend-trope behavior!"

"You want me to get rid of my attitude? Ugh, okay… but don't regret it when it was gone," Kano pouted, and no words came out afterward.

"Just... don't hate us when we told you so…," Robbie sighed.

After the lunch break in the warm and cozy clubroom, the three (including Shouko) moved back into their classes with their stuffed stomach. However, Robbie somehow wanted to slack off on the rooftop in the final minutes.

"Are you sure you wanna go to the rooftop? I just got a bit bored, tho," Mullet met Robbie, who arrived at the doorway.

"I dunno, I just wanna go there with you," Robbie raised his eyebrows.

"Alright. I follow you," Mullet sighed.

The two move up to the stairway slowly, thanks to their filled tummies are weighing their movement speed. Several students are passing by – going anywhere they want. During their journey, Mullet looked around the path he walked, where his mind recalled from last night's dream. This is just what I remembered in my dreams…

Upon reaching the rooftop, Robbie pulled the iron door in front of him. Just in one swing, the two recoiled by the person behinds it. It's Taro-senpai, who is standing sturdily – whether it was coincidence or he intentionally waits for them.

"Good god. You don't have to scare us like that," Robbie put his left palm on his chest.

"Follow me..." was the only word that came out from that third-year student.

He led the two to a table with three chairs, which resembles a café table.

"Did you guys see Yuu back then?" Taro-senpai asked.

"No," Robbie shook his head.

"Me neither,"

"I haven't seen him from this morning," Taro-senpai continued.

"Well. That's because you were in class, right?" Robbie replied.

"No. I skipped the whole class today, and I plan to do so,"

"Wait. You literally come here just to see one person?" Mullet raised his left eyebrow.

"Yes," Taro-senpai nodded.

"That's a bit too much. Maybe he is sick or something," Mullet scratched his head, "But if you really want it, I guess you better stalk him…,"

"He just went here before with full uniform back in the morning. I don't know where he went to-"

"Hold up," Robbie cuts his words, "What time do you stay here?"

"Huh?" Mullet moved his eyes to Robbie, confused.

"I just want to know if he's literally staying here before the sun went up,"

"Yes. I stay here before everyone arrived," Taro-senpai answered, "For your information, I came here at 8 PM last night,"

"Last night?! That's crazy," Mullet pretended to be surprised, "There's no way he would get here at night,"

Maybe he tried to make sure something was weird. Duh, I saw Yuu, he did that to her yesterday…

"You all may not know. But I saw him two hours after school was over. He went back here and walked to somewhere randomly. Just like this morning, where I last saw him went into the park shed," Taro-senpai continued his interrupted conversation.

"Well. How many times have you seen him go here? – since you got here at 8," Robbie stepped up his question.

"5 times until about 1 AM. That's when I slept for 2 hours. Then I saw him walk back again thrice, including this morning,"

"When you went-"

"I forgot something," Taro-senpai cuts the question as he missed one piece of information, "When I saw him re-entered this school for the fifth time, He brought some stuff that related to Shouko. What I remembered, he had some of her pictures and her writings. But I dunno the rest of inside the box,"

"… Okay. But did you see him where we walked to?" Robbie asked,

"Uhh…" Taro-senpai paused to recall his memories, "Clubroom! He went to your clubroom!"

Oh hell…

"As I was saying. When you were staying here last night, how many times did you see him roaming in the school?" Robbie gave him another question.

"Eight times. He went to my class and your clubroom twice. The rest of it is random,"

"Wow…," Mullet replied in a soft volume.

"I got an idea," Robbie concluded the whole explanation and set a plan, "Since this might involve Shouko here, we can't accompany you. That means I will look after you. And Mullet," Robbie moved his eyeballs to his friend, "I want you to look after her right now,"

"Wait, why me?" Mullet raised his eyebrows.

"She's your classmate, stupid," Robbie sighed.


"I guess that is for today. And don't forget to gather after school. I will see you later," Robbie closed the conversation.

The two re-enter the hallway, which is now less crowded than before since it's almost for the next class. The pure sunlight keeps the warmth. On their way down, Mullet crossed his mind about Kano, which his existence was last seen on the bus.

"Oh yeah, one thing, Robbie. Did you see Kano?"

"No. why?" Robbie shook his head.

"I didn't see him after we left the bus this morning. He has not been in the class either,"

"That's weird. But did you see Yuu?"

"No. neither him," Mullet shrugged.

"I changed my plan. I will skip today's class and look after Taro-senpai," Robbie turned around and walked the opposite way, "Look after her, okay?"

The club time begins after the school bell rings – triggering the whole student to leave their classrooms and move to the club work. Mullet moved his foot out of the class, going after Shouko, which already 6 meters away from him.

"Let's wait for him, shall we?" Shouko stopped next to class 2-1.

"Nope. He skipped today's class. He is probably in the clubroom now," Mullet replied while walking and overtaking Shouko.

"Wait. Why?" Shouko raised his eyebrows.

"He got something important. I dunno what is it, but I guess he really had to,"

I gotta be with her now.

After a few steps passed, they both reached the fifth floor, ready to do the club work. However, Mullet was the first one who arrived there due to his fast walking. Unexpectedly, when he's just put his right foot off the stairway, His eyes are caught Yuu, who trespassed into their room.

"What the?"

Mullet quickly missiles to the photography clubroom, where the door is unlocked and slightly opened. With half of his power, he slid open it with his left hand.


The room is weirdly empty when Mullet storms in. Everything is untouched – not a single item moved from its place. Strange still, the camera studio door is widely opened with the key is still stuck on the lock.

"This door is unlocked too…"

Mullet moved to the camera studio room, where Yuu also is not there. In his mind, he is already sure that Yuu entered his clubroom, and there is no way out except moving back to the main entrance. But again, Mullet has no idea how Yuu entered the camera studio room and vanished.

"What happened?" Shouko's voice broke his focus.

"Uhh… nothing. I just see these doors aren't closed when I get here," Mullet spoke without seeing her.

"Who's the last one left this clubroom yesterday?"

"Robbie. But he said to me that he locked the door, and he keeps the key," Mullet pulled the camera studio door key from its keyhole.

"Well… but nothing got stolen, right?" Shouko closed the door.

"No," Mullet shook his head and gave the key to her.

"Anyway, I forgot that someone wants to see you in the park. I don't know who," Shouko received the key and took off her blazer.

"Right now?" Mullet stepped out of the clubroom for fresh air.


"Look, I have no such time for that," Mullet refused to meet the person, "You don't even know who is-"

Yuu's sighting once more stole his focus. Out of nowhere, Yuu is seen walking down the stairs with a duffel bag in his right hand. However, the thing that worsens Mullet is Yuu walked downstairs without any noise from his shoes. Just a plain silence that called him to leave the clubroom.

"Anyone gonna get here in seconds, right?" Mullet asked while his eyes were sticking to the Yuu, who stopped on the stairway.


"I'm going out for a while. Back in minutes," Mullet begins to walk away from the clubroom.

When Mullet gets closer to the stairway without any sound coming from his shoes, Yuu starts to walk down – leading that poor boy to somewhere down to the ground floor.

Where is he going anyway?

Upon reaching the ground floor, Yuu stopped in the hallway – making Mullet stuck in the staircase. A few seconds later, he continued to walk again, leading Mullet to the lobby like a fish chasing bait. After a few steps later, they both reached the school lobby. This time, Yuu followed someone, which is Taro-senpai.

"Oh no… I better call Robbie now. Why he isn't guarding that guy?!"

Mullet dials Robbie on his phone while tailing Yuu, who is heading out of the school lobby. Unfortunately, there is no response. Only four beeps and a BUSY sign that Mullet received from his phone.

"Come on!" Mullet tried to call Robbie back. But no response again.

"Who's behind me?" Yuu spoke softly


Yuu turns around to see who's tailing him. Luckily Mullet have enough time to hide behind a low wall without exposing his shadow. He pulled out his phone and used it as a mirror to see if Yuu turned back and continued walking. The black screen from his phone made a clear black reflection that helped him. And about 6 seconds later, Yuu begins to move away – chasing that third-year student.

"I better call him," Mullet pulled out his cellphone and called Robbie.

"Come on… come on…"

Boop Boop Boop

"Darn it!"

Mullet gave up his chance to contact his friend, who is now absent. Now he is on his own – tailing the kid into the school park. Without him knowing, Taro-senpai was gone in Mullet's sight, and he got baited to a park shed, where Yuu entered it. He decided to hide again, hoping that the kid would come out after a few minutes. He will come outta that shed soon…

Mullet looked at his watch. 12 minutes have passed, but Yuu hasn't come out yet. Sweats are starts running down and moistening his shirt. Nevertheless, his patience is not drained yet since it's still time before 16:00 Hours.

Once more, he pulled out his cellphone and tried to call Robbie. But again, the BUSY sign still prevents him from being in touch. Knowing Robbie will not pick up, he sent a private message as the last step, where it reads:

Robbie. Where are you? You said that you wanna look after him. I tried to call you, but you didn't answer.

30 minutes passed. And still, Yuu hasn't come out of the shed. He lost his patience and decided to get closer to it. He knows if it has no window, which means Yuu couldn't get out by breaking a wooden wall for escape.

"Here goes nothing…," Mullet gently opened the door.

Mullet pushes the door with a jolt, where emptiness greets and deludes him inside. Yuu has gone from the shed and made his 30 minutes of hiding ends up in vain.

He recoiled off the shed and thought about how Yuu lured him into the shed. He also realized if that kid had already been spotted since the beginning.

Suddenly, his phone vibrates.

Shouko: Mullet! Get to the fifth floor, now! Yuu is trying to hurt someone!

He turned his back and ran back into the school lobby like a bullet. He realized if Yuu lured Mullet to leave him alone to kill that third-year student. Not to forget Yuu did that all, either as one event to pull Mullet into death wish or a vengeance.

Mullet finally reaches the fifth floor, where he sees Yuu wielding a katana toward Taro-senpai - begging for mercy.

"Please. I'm sorry! I promise I will not do anything to you again!"

"I promise I will do anything to you again. HA! Guess who's back?!" Yuu replied with a psychotic smile.

"I know that you're mad. But think about it. If you did this, you are going to be jailed!" Taro-senpai pulled him away from the photography club room – keeping Shouko safe.

Huh… no jail anyway…

"Who cares? At least I finally get this over with! Like that moment when I tried to kill myself with a cutter!" Yuu replied, "Oh. Also, the fact that you know about our effort to get rid of those two transfer brothers!"

"Wait a minute. Is he remembered that?" Mullet raised his eyebrows. He recalls the moment where Robbie saved him from committing suicide (read chapter 5).

"Yuu, stop it!" Mullet distracted him as he got closer.

"Oh! Looks like I got a hero here!" Yuu turned around, giving a chance for Taro-senpai to grab him from behind.

"Drop it!"

Taro-senpai grasped Yuu from behind, trying to loosen his grip on the katana. But unfortunately, Yuu managed to turn that long blade around and slashed that third-year student's left waist. Causing Taro-senpai to severely bleed from his deep wound. He is still able on his feet apart from all the blood are dripping out.

"Stop it!" Shouko threw a monitor to Yuu's head, but he managed to dodge it.

"Drop it now… just don't let I make you drop it-"

Mullet got his new plan by using his blazer to wrap the katana and apprehend it. But when he was about to take it off, Taro-senpai already took off his blazer first and charged himself towards Yuu while holding his agony.


Taro-senpai threw his blazer towards the katana, which is right on target and timing. But alas, he didn't know what would come after. Yuu knew the attack from behind. He countered it by stabbing through the blazer and ended up impaling Taro-senpai's neck – ended up his life in one move.


"Hehe… I finally did it…"

Yuu showed his psychotic smile and pulled back his blood-stained katana – leaving that poor third-year student collapsed from his injuries. His death was planned and imminent. Yuu turned around and threw his own katana to Mullet – giving it to him.

"Come on, Mullet. Kill me," Yuu stretched his arms, offering to be killed.

"No," Mullet pulled back the katana on his left hand.

"Do it,"

"No," Mullet dropped the katana.

"Do it!"

Yuu pulls a hunting knife from his pocket and pounces towards Mullet, who is five meters ahead. On the other hand, Mullet recoiled and desperately backed off to avoid being ended up dead.



A plot armor came out of nowhere to stop Yuu from his second killing, which Shouko managed to tasered his back - making him drop his knife before collapsing like a ragdoll.

"You… BASTARD!" Shouko screamed loudly, releasing his anger in an explosion, "How could you do that to my friend! You… you…"

She fell to her knees and cried out loud, feeling desperation and emptiness caused by her beloved friends being taken away one by one. Meanwhile, Mullet gazed at her - not knowing if Shouko and Taro-senpai have a good relationship.

It's your friend?

Mullet quickly rushes to Taro-senpai, who is still alive, yet dying. Some students are starting to come up to the fifth floor. He covers his neck to stop bleeding even though the stab wound makes his death is still inevitable. Knowing if Mullet is approaching him, he moves his right arm - reaching a single hope from Mullet or anyone else.

"It's okay. Come on. I can stop the bleeding," Mullet took his blazer and tried to cover Taro-senpai's neck.

"No…" The word made Mullet stop.


"Agonizing red static… game over… slowed down… error…," Taro-senpai spoke four random words while groaning in his death.

"Wh… What do you mean?"

Taro-senpai didn't answer. He just kept his remaining breaths until he lost consciousness. His legs and arms begin to calm down, along with his head that is no longer moving. Taro-senpai is now fallen to a tragic death. He is no longer can feel the wounds and terror that obsessed him.

Mullet put down his body, closed his eyes, and put his arms on his stomach – making Taro-senpai's death less painful. Suddenly, footsteps begin to tap on the hallway, which Robbie finally appears.

"Where is he-" Robbie cut his own words, "Oh no…,"

Mullet, on the other hand, glared at Robbie in a furious expression. He stood up rudely and confronted his own friend thanks to Robbie's negligence.

"What is wrong with you?! You said that you want to protect him! And this! Is how you do?!"

"Mullet. I am sorry-"

"Said that to him, you moron!" Mullet pushed Robbie with half of his power, not wanting him to fall down.

"Mullet! Listen! I guard him all the time. But he just disappeared when he went into the toilet!" Robbie made a pointless reason that does not extinguish Mullet's anger.

Knowing there is no use in arguing over a dead person, he ceased his cortisol hormone (stress hormone) to avoid further useless conflict.

"You better explain this soon!" he grunted.

Mullet continued to apprehend Yuu down to the school lobby, forgetting Robbie behind. His anger and disappointment still not receded thanks to his friend's presence and the death he had just seen. On the other side, Shouko follows him, trying to reduce the rage despite feeling the same.

"Do you think this all over?" Yuu spoke with a smile.

"No. because bad things always happen," Mullet replied.

"No. Not you, but her," Yuu pointed Shouko.

"You're next, Shouko,"

To be continued…

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