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This chapter still takes focuses on Mullet. This is the second day in school. Does Mullet or Robbie are liked by everyone? Yes, there are some students that don't like Mullet and Robbie. Without further ado, let's get right into it.

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Chapter 4

Second day

It took 30 minutes to reach the school by bus due to picking up passengers at each stop. Starting from no passengers to fully boarded by students, including the due who entered from the second stop (the first stop is 3 blocks away from the second stop).

This time, Robbie was in the front seat. Therefore, he left the bus first, followed by the students and Mullet, who the last left the bus.

There are only 10 minutes for Mullet to recess before the first class begins. He went to the restroom to tidy his hair. Some of the boys inside enliven the atmosphere.

He takes out the yellow comb inside his pants pocket and starts harrowing his hair. His black mullet hair is always good as usual (after Mullet took a shower for 7 minutes). The mirror that always looked transparent reflects Mullet and some of the boys who passed still get it, bro. Looking good as always-

"Nice hair, dude," a student complimented him.


"Dude, I wish I have that hair, man," said that student who spoke to his friend.

The math class that the teacher taught is already learned by Mullet. That 17-year-old boy spent 30 minutes before 9 o'clock studying except last night. But he still remembered that lesson from his previous school.

Both of his lower arms lie straight on his desk, made him look like a living sphinx statue. His mind is still floating, thinking about what happened yesterday and the same lesson re-taught to him. Man, I experienced so many things yesterday. I wonder what'll happen next.

"Shiratori! Please write the answer!" the teacher's injunction pulled down Mullet's floating soul back to his body. He left his desk and walked to the white and fragile chalk in front of the teacher's desk.

I already know this one. This one's here, there, and done!

It took 30 seconds to write the answer. The chalk that he used is getting shorter. The dust from the chalk disintegrated by the wind and the sunlight from outside.

"Yes. The answer is correct. Thank you for answering, Shiratori," said the teacher.

Mullet nods, and he walked back to his desk - continuing his thought. As he's walking to his seat, his footsteps sounded like a leader who has finished his speech.

The lesson continues as time passed slowly. Although his mind partially floating in mid-air, he had to stay focused to make sure if there's homework or not.

The school bell finally rang at 12 o'clock - calling out the students to lunch. Numerous students left the classroom, including Mullet, while some stayed in the class. On his way out, he saw Robbie, who is also walking to the cafeteria. His tall and firm posture is matched with his appearance.

When Robbie is walking to the cafeteria to have lunch, he was intercepted by four students. One of them is a girl. They surrounded him. Confused, he asked those kids while Mullet eavesdrop on him afar.

"Excuse me?" Robbie confusedly asked.

"Do you think you can pass easily, you cheap punk?" Said the boy with spiky hair with a black bandana around his head. Looks like these kids are bullies. I can guarantee that.

His appearance is shorter than both Mullet and Robbie. And he has a medium built. Due to his menacing face and his reputation, the student marked them as school bullies. Funnily, they bully Robbie, who is taller and tougher than him. I guess he has enough balls tho.

Felt intimidated, Robbie starts raising his voice, "What do you want from me?"

"You have no idea what you did? You stepped on our turf, you low-class newcomer loser. Why don't you get off from here?" said the boy, then he stepped on Robbie's left shoe.

"Actually, I want to get off from here," Robbie clarified.

"Wanna get off? Heh, you rotten seaweed-ed hairstyle. Does it easy for you to leave? Are you coward?" the boy roasted Robbie, but he doesn't get triggered as he listened to the boy's harassment.

"My hair? How about you? You look like trailer trash, go get showered" Robbie's roast make the whole students in the hallway laughed.

"Whatever you say, loser! You know if you wanna get out, you need to pay some protection money, will ya?"

"Go kill yourself, weirdo!" Robbie shoved him a bit.


The whole hallway became silent and gasped as Robbie pushed him. The students are also shocked by the word that came from Robbie's mouth. Like they saw a man who accidentally fell from the 6th floor. The boy who got irritated clenched his fist. His eyes were raging red like a fire. Before he tries to lay down a punch on Robbie's face, the girl interrupts him.

"That's enough. Let him know," the girl spoke.

Mullet, who eavesdrops on them, knew heard some students whispering at each other. They don't blame Robbie's curse. But they were surprised if Robbie destroyed the bullies with a single word.

"Whoa, that was brutal,"

"Gosh. I can't believe such a move,"

"I guess he chose death,"

Being fed up by his defeat, the boy quickly grabbed Robbie's shirt collar and threatened him. His face represents a mad bomb that will explode in seconds.

"What do you think we are? A clown to you?! Don't think this is your victory, boy! You picked the wrong person here. I leave you a message. Taro-senpai wants to see you," said Jimi with an evil face ending. Then, those bullies left him like a person who lost his bet because of being cheated.

"Yeah, go ahead, snitch boy! You and he are good as dead anyway!" Robbie shouted haughtily.

After the scene ends, the rest of the students in the hallway back to their own business like there's nothing happened, or they got hypnotized by someone to forget that face-off, including Mullet, who continued to walk with Kano.

"Those guys are bullies, man. Just ignore them," Kano advised.

"Yeah, I know. That was one crappy coincidence, though. He had enough guts," Mullet giggled, "What's his name anyway?"

"Oh, He? His name is Hideki. But everyone points him as the hated because he's the second Jimi in this school,"

"What do you mean?" Mullet's curiosity has arisen.

"It's a long story. But do you want to listen?"

Mullet nods before listening to Kano's flashbacks. Their footsteps can be heard by themselves as they walk through the hallway.

"One year ago, there's a student named Jimi, a bad student, the true bully. He always picks on weak students, no matter it's a boy or girl. He also a friend of Hideki, so that's why. He and his gang repetitively bully anyone until their victim refuses to go to the school,"

Kano's storytelling continues as they walk through the stairs and the hallway on the first floor.

"What we saw back there wasn't really that horrible. But Jimi's are worse. You'll never forget his cruel behavior. What I remembered, he killed a squirrel that Yuu found - his victim. He twisted the squirrel's neck in front of him, spit on it, then he threw the dead squirrel at him. The blood that came out from the dead squirrel stains his uniform,"

"Then what happened to Yuu?" Mullet asked as they walked through the shiny hallway with some charming cherry blossom trees behind the window.

"He's still here, attending classes like usual," Kano sighed.

Mullet confused. Wait. He still comes to school after that cruelty happened to him?

"By the way, 3 days after his homicide to that poor little creature, Jimi got arrested by the police. He was caught robbing the convenience store with his friend. That made him expelled from the school and jailed. After that, the school makes sure if there is no Jimi anymore. But Hideki could be another Jimi if he wants as long as Taro-senpai's here,"

Mullet acknowledged the whole story. But one thing that he still did not understand is why they bully people? There are reasons for bullying.

"That makes me a question for you. Why they do that - the bullying?" Mullet asked after Kano's story finished.

"There are 2 reasons why. They have the power to insult someone and their popularity. They all came from respectable families and white collared. Like Hideki, his dad works as a company director, and his mom work as the supervisor," Kano's answer emerged Mullet's another question.

"Parents' neglection?"

"Yeah. Abandoned prince or princess has their own freedom to do anything by any means necessary," Kano replied casually.

Mullet and Kano reached the cafeteria in no time, thanks to their chat. Kano let his mullet hair friend get in line first. His tall posture obstructs Kano's sight in front of him.

Mullet ordered the same lunch just like yesterday. He chose the À la carte over the set menu. He knows if the set menu is not enough for him to fulfill his stomach.

"I'd like to order large rice, chicken wing, Dexter miso, fresh tomato, and milk. Please," Mullet ordered.

"Sure, but don't you want a snack?" the cafeteria chef asked.

"No, thank you,"

Mullet turned his back to his friend after he ordered his food.

"I'll wait for you at the lunch table, okay? So, hurry up,"

15 seconds later, Mullet's food arrived at the counter. The food's arranged neatly on the tray like he ordered the food from the 5-star cafeteria. The plastic handles prevent the heat that came from the food. Mullet can sense the heat of the food tray from his hot food while he moves his indoor shoes to his seat. He disappeared from Kano's sight like a departing train while Kano is still waiting for his food arrives.

Mullet roams around the lunch table with both of his hands holding the handle of the tray, looking for the perfect seat so they can satisfy their savory feast. His choice is located close to the window but not next to it. He felt pleased when eating with natural sunshine.

The cafeteria is half crowded, some lunch tables are vacant. Which made Mullet easy to decide where he and Kano will sit down. But while he about to choose the table, Nino called him. Where she's sat next to Robbie.

"Hey, Mullet! come on, sit with us!"

Mullet nods with a pure smile to that sweet 17-year-old girl. Her kururinpa hair is arranged neatly with a pair of barrettes at her front. She's looking good today.

He sits at the long lunch table facing Robbie. The lunch table has 3 pairs of seats facing each other. The 2 seats next to Mullet are empty, while the 3 seats on the right side are occupied by Shouko, Nino, and Robbie in order from left to right. All of their food is different.

"So, where's Kano? I always see you two walk together," Nino asked with her body leaned to the left with her left arm supporting her head. Her food is still looking hot. Mullet assumes if her food and Robbie's food are newly ordered. And Robbie's food is not on the set menu.

"Well, he's still ordering his food-"

"I'm here, guys," Kano's interjection makes the conversation stopped. The four of them saw Kano, who standstill with his food tray like a prisoner who wants to have lunch together with his friends.

"How's it going with the class?" asked Kano while he took his seat next to Mullet.

"Doing good as always," Nino answered.

"So do I," Robbie replied.

Shouko nodded.

Kano looked at Robbie. His face turned from mildly happy to concerned as he saw that black mullet hair confused and leaving a question mark on his head.

"Hey, Robbie. I saw you got bullied back there. Did they do something to you?" Kano asked Robbie a rhetorical question.

"Yeah, something stupid. So, I gave him a bit of lesson," Robbie answered.

"Man, I can't believe you did that. You gave those losers a lesson!" When Kano tried to continue his topic. He got distracted by the absence of Mary.

"By the way, where's Mary?"

As Nino knows if Kano will ask, she answered, "She's still ordering her food. That's why we are waiting,"

After Nino's rejoinder, Mullet and Robbie did not talk anymore. They listened to Kano and Nino's tiny talks just like Shouko.

"What happened to her? Is she got in the line again?" asked Kano.

"Yeah, she did. I told her to come quickly, but she didn't comply," said Nino fretfully.

"What? Do you think she got busy again? Nah, all of her reading subscriptions are done yesterday," said Kano, then he chuckled.

"What?! Aww, man… I thought she still reading it,"

Kano smug, then he pointed his finger next to Shouko, who sat at the left seat.

Nino turned her head back. Her shoulders tailed her head movement. It's Mary. She pouts after she listened to their conversations. Her purple eyes can be seen clearly.

"Hey! I told you please wait, Nino!" Mary shows a sulky expression before sitting next to Kano, "Thank goodness the lunch table has six seats like a station wagon,"

"Ehe… Sorry, Mary. But time always on the neutral side, I can't wait for you any longer," Nino replied.

"Yeah, whatever," Mary placed her food tray on the table. Her meal is from the set menu as Mullet knows. Then she continued speaking.

"Well, looks like we all in one gang again. Six of us, have lunch together in the same seat," Mary's face turned quickly from pout to cute grin like a sun that stops the rain instantly.

"By the way, why those losers bullied Robbie? That's stupid. Look at him," Nino persuades the gang to look at Robbie's appearance, "his body looks like a US marine soldier. What kind of stupid people wants to try his patience?"

Robbie blushed.

"Yeah. Even if they try to bully Mullet, it's a bad choice too," Kano replied.

The gang laughed as they know that bullying Robbie or Mullet is a stupid thing.

"Haha… Okay, that's enough, let's eat already. We don't want to miss the class," said Nino.

When they obeyed and took their cutleries, something they didn't expect is happening like breaking news. Five students walk towards the gang. They're targeting Robbie, who calmly sat at the lunch table. Their footsteps became louder as they come closer. Once they closed enough, the gang realized those guys - the bullies.

Hideki, or so-called Jimi, Seized Robbie's lunch with one move, then slammed it to another table. The crashing sound of the food tray stuns everyone. The students reflexively looked at the gang as the crashing sounds spook them. The boy, probably already known by Robbie (and probably Mullet), jerks him against the wall. He grabs Robbie's collar and warns him. Maybe this is Taro-senpai. Mullet knew him by previous coincidental eavesdropping.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING HUH?! Do you think you can easily take a hit on us? YOU GLAD YOU MESS WITH ME?!" the boy snapped Robbie.

"Yo, Taro-senpai! It's not freaking cool!" Kano exclaimed.

"Shut up, Kano!" Kuro shrieked. One of Hideki's (Jimi) friends, "Do you want to end up like your friend here?!"

"Do you think I'm afraid of you, Kuro? Just because you're a bully? Bite me!" Kano scolded.

Robbie, who got threatened by Taro-senpai, starts clenched his fists. His wrath starts rising like boiling water. But he replied assertively.

"What? Do you think I am afraid of you all? And do you think I started this ruckus? You guys did!" Robbie's reality check made Taro-senpai boiled up.

"Hey, senpai! We have his boyfriend here!" Hideki spoke while holding Mullet's shoulder.

"Get off me!" Mullet scolded and parries Hideki's arm off him, while Taro-senpai still intimidates Robbie like a corrupt officer.

"Oh, you got a boyfriend, huh?" said Taro-senpai with a menacing face.

"You're dead!" Robbie scolded.

Taro-senpai's anger finally explodes as Robbie ignites it. He choked Robbie with his left hand. His right hand swings backward shakily. Then he launches his fist to Robbie's face. Luckily, Robbie able to dodge the attack.

He quickly tilts his head, and Taro-senpai's punch hits the wall. Then that blonde hair bully pulls back his right arm like a failed trap and screams out loud as he punches the indestructible bricks. Robbie has an opportunity to counter his punch.

Robbie swung back his left leg then kicked Taro-senpai's left knee as hard as he could. Taro's pain continues from his hand to his knee. His left knee feels like being hit by a hammer.

While Hideki and Kuro looked at Taro-senpai, Mullet quickly pushes them both until they fell off. Then he quickly grabbed Taro-senpai and throws him back. He was thrown backward, then he tripped on the lunch table seat, making him fell down with his back shoulders fell first. Then followed by his head and the rest of his body.

"Did you satisfied bullying us? DID YOU SATISFIED?!" Mullet snapped like a drill sergeant who yells at the recruits. The whole students inside the cafeteria, including the chef, recoiled like a startled cat. They had never seen anyone shout that hard in there.

The silence filled the cafeteria for a moment until Taro, who's still bear with the pain, speaks up.

"Guys, get 'em!"

Without further ado, the bullies began to charge their fists at those mullet brothers. Kuro, who's facing Mullet, swings his powerful fist to his head. But thanks to Mullet's martial arts skills, he dodges Kuro's punch. He countered any Kuro's attack and knocked him off by roundhoused him to his pancreas. Meanwhile, Robbie's able to counter any punches and kicks that came from the rest of the bullies

When Mullet and Robbie almost finished the bullies. An unexpected sound came out of nowhere. It sounded like a metal food tray struck by a wooden stick. The whole students were startled, where the source came from the cafeteria chef. His face is boiling red, and his wrinkles formed the wrath of a monster. He steps outside of the counter and scolds the bullies and the duo loudly.

"Enough! Both of you! Do you think you can come here and trash my cafeteria?! If you want to fight, go and do it outside! Not here!"

The cafeteria chef points his spatula to Mullet, Robbie, and the bullies before he continues yelling at them. "All seven of you, GET OUTTA HERE! You guys will not eat here for today! NOW GET LOST!"

Taro-senpai took Robbie's hands off his shirt as he almost got battered by Robbie. Then he told his friends to leave.

"Ptchew, it's not worth it, let sod-off-"

"GO!" the chef snapped.

"Yeah, we're going! Jeez…"

Taro-senpai and the bullies left the cafeteria. Then followed by Mullet and Robbie. The cafeteria back to normal, despite they are banned for the rest of the day. Nino and Mary's faces were shocked by the storm, while Shouko's tears flowed down to her beautiful face. She is sad, shocked, and scared as she has never been involved in a fight before. Shouko's fingers shivered as the fear kicked inside her.

When the duo walked out of the cafeteria, they got interrupted by Hideki's existence.

"Meet me at the rooftop right after school," Hideki whispered unexpectedly.

The duo didn't answer. But Hideki knows if they will come to the roof. Then he walks in the opposite direction. After far enough, Mullet and Robbie glared at each other, then Mullet said one word.


"Yeah, bite me," Robbie replied.

They both do the blame game after the fight and their lunchtime loss. They were awkwardly silent afterward until Mullet back to his classroom. Awaiting the next lesson.

The school bell rang, which denotes the school is over today. Some of the students who don't have club activities and those who are not joining clubs packed their stuff and decided to go home or stay.

Mullet and Robbie, who keep Hideki's promise, walked to the roof. But they realized something odd while getting there. First, the stairway is strangely silent when they entered it. Second, no students except Hideki, weirdly standing up and facing the beautiful panorama of the city. His spiky hair with his black bandana welcomed them coldly. Not because of the fight. But because of one reason that they don't even know.

The howling wind horrified the atmosphere and makes the rooftop rottenly cold, dragging their fears down to their spine. Mullet and Robbie realized the situation is unnatural. Before they opened their mouth to speak, Hideki talked to them first.

"Do you realize what's happened right now and what will happen tomorrow and the following day?" Hideki's pitch is lower than before. Making his voice became horror. Neither Mullet nor Robbie knows what actually is he talking about. What?

"Exactly. We here try to warn you. Today is the final warning," Hideki's voice and how he stands up like a hanging carcass made the duo goosebumps.

"Look, we're sorry about what we have done to you. We just try to warn you to not mess with us," Robbie apologized, but Hideki didn't move any muscle.

"It doesn't matter. Like I said..." before he continued, Hideki's start levitates one inch from the ground. They are terrified of his poltergeist. They both gulped as the kid continues.

"We're here try to warn you. All of your friends and every people you met here try to warn you. You still have enough time to leave before it's started. But if you late, you don't have enough time."

The duo is scared of Hideki's weird attitude. He doesn't usually act like before. From hotheaded to strangely cold and soulless.

"Alright, alright! Forgive us! We will-" Mullet's apology interrupted by Hideki again.

"Again, it doesn't matter,"

While Hideki continued to talk, another agonizing scream can be heard by Mullet and Robbie. Making the atmosphere became dreadful.

"The strange thing that happened yesterday, today, and starting from tomorrow was related to your actions. These oddities also happened for a reason. And it was all the work of someone you should know. If you keep going the way both of you are now," before he continues, he looks at the duo. His eyes were plain and dead white without any irises, and his voice distorted like a possessed person.

"You will be welcomed to hell,"

Hideki didn't finish yet. He continued speaking as Mullet and Robbie were scared, "I leave you one message. "Get out while you still can,"

Mullet gathered up his courage and asked him, "What do you want from us? Just tell it. No matter who you are, just tell us, okay? Please, we don't want-"

A person came to the rooftop. By his appearance, he's the PE teacher. He cuts Mullet's question; he saw Mullet talks to nobody.

"Err… excuse me, with who are you talking to?"

The duo immediately turned back and looked at him. His arrival wasn't realized by both.

"Sorry, kids, but it's time for you two to leave. The school will be closed right now,"

Mullet and Robbie are confused. What? But it's still afternoon. There's no way the school is closed.

"Wait, what?" Robbie asked.

"I said, the school is closing. You two should leave now,"

"Wait, isn't it still 3:00 PM now?" Robbie replied.

"What are you talking about?" The teacher confused, "It's 5:30 PM, time for school to close,"

The teacher realized one thing that doesn't make sense, but he asked anyway.

"Wait, did you guys stand here for 2 hours 30 minutes straight?"

"No, we just talk to someone here, behind us!" Mullet clarified.

The teacher glared behind the duo. But no one's behind them.

"What are you talking about? No one's behind you. Enough, you better leave now!"

Neither Mullet nor Robbie replied. They walk down to the front yard, where few students were making their way out of the school. They didn't talk to each other as they were still confused with Hideki's freak speech.

The clock shows 6:10. Mullet, who already took a shower earlier, lies on the couch in his living room. The temperature of the room is ideal for leisure. His big brother, Hiro, hasn't come home yet. The absence of his brother gives him time to think about three hours ago.

Hw thought for a moment. What does he even talking about? Man... I can't believe there's so much weirdness today. But, should I find out? Should Robbie find out too?

Mullet's thought roams around his brain like swarming flies. He can't sure about his upcoming actions. Should he listen to Hideki or whoever it is? Or should he inquire? But, from all of the questions, there's one question he prioritized.

Should I ask this to Robbie?

To be continued…

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