In a smalltown hospital in the west of Ireland, two parents named Caoimhe and Ted are about to have a baby. The doctor comes in to tell them that the baby must be removed from the womb via a Cesarian Section. The parents were worried that it was too risky. The doctor informs them that it was the only choice. And so Caoimhe was sent to the operating room for the C-Section. Hours later, Ted was sleeping in the waiting room when a doctor in a cloak tells him "it's a boy". Ted was thrilled and said "Thank God". Later, in the maternity ward, Ted and Caoimhe welcome their baby boy to the world. They name him Conor.

Years went by, and Conor was showing signs of not communicating with anyone, choosing not to play with his peers, and has difficulty paying attention. Caoimhe and Ted decide to take Conor to a physician. The physician does some tests on Conor from blood tests to health checks. When he was finished, he and the parents were talking in private. He informed Ted and Caoimhe and Ted that Conor is indeed diagnosed with Autism. The parents were shocked and heartbroken.

When Conor started attending primary school, he was sent to special part-time classes to help him with his severe learning difficulties. During his time in primary school, he spent most of his time on computers during his free time, he was excused from P.E., he had to play an instrument even someone as "special" as him would play... a triangle. He even had an assistant beside him throughout his entire time.

Outside of school life, he is extremely finding it hard to live with a brother who are always making him life hell, for example, his brother Timothy frequently puts his knees on Conor's arms and slaps him countless times, and constantly bullying him for screwing up tasks. That made Conor cry. And that was only the beginning.