Conor, now 92 years old, was on a bed in the hospital. A nurse came in and told him he's expecting a family visit, but from who? Two people, close to Conor's age came in. They tell him they're his cousins. They give him a gift. It was a T-Shirt with his favorite cartoon on it. Conor smiled and thanked his cousins. He told them stories about his crazy youth, and how it made him feel. Conor shed a tear, and his cousins comforted him. The cousins left the room and they all exchanged a goodbye. At night, Conor started showing signs of dying. A doctor came in, checked his pulse and timed it because it was slowing down. As soon as Conor used up his very last breath, the doctor called it and said "Time of death: 11:43 PM". It was a shame that the final people Conor saw were his two cousins.

Conor went into the light and saw the gates of heaven. As soon as they slowly opened, he saw a shadowy figure from the distance. It turns out to be Conor's brother, Timothy. The two embrace in front of the heavenly gates. Conor's parents, Caoimhe and Ted, also hug him. The family was altogether in the peaceful land of the afterlife. The gates of heaven close.

Conor has lived such an extraordinary life. Sure it was mostly filled with torment and frightfulness, but that was what made Conor human. No human being would ever imagine to feel the pain that Conor felt. He deserved so much better, like a healthy life and family. This shows us that a hard life can be very cruel for autistic people. We should all give them a break, regardless of their actions.

And that is Conor's story