Mystery Man Monologue

My Best Friend… She's not the most attractive girl. She has that girl next door look about her… fair skin, long brown hair, light eyes… She wears frumpy clothes and sneakers everyday. I guess you could say she's rather plain looking. She's the sweetest girl you'll ever meet. She's just a fashion Emergency. Never had a boyfriend. A classic case of a so much love to give but no one to give it. I still love her though.

One day, a long time ago, we were talking on the phone when she confessed that she had found herself a love interest. Yes, even she my homely best friend hand found a love interest. Yes, even she was so excited. "Kelsey!" she exclaimed, "I have just met the sweetest most adorable guy ever! He has all the qualities I like in a boy, & he's tall, too! I really think I could like him!" I could not have been happier for her… really.

Knowing she wasn't the most desirable girl in the school, she decided she was better off suppressing her feelings and just get to know him as a friend. She never told me who he was. In the meantime, I was busy pursuing my own romantic interest. A tall, good-looking friend of mine. I thought I could love this boy forever. Hell, he had already seen me naked and we weren't even going out yet! I had intimated at my feelings only once. He was oblivious to the Whole thing… well at least I had his friendship.

Time passed… My best friend and her Mystery boy had grown a lot closer… to the point where she was even considering the idea that maybe he could feel the same way about her. She called me up, "Kelsey, I'm so happy. I've been spending most of my time with him lately. We get a long so well. You know, maybe I'm crazy, but do you think he could feel the same way about me?" "Maybe you are, then again you never know. Do you have any proof?" I questioned. "Well… he says the sweetest things to me. Always knows the perfect thing to say. He remembers everything I tell him, also. Then there is the way he looks at me…" was her response. I advised, "Well, w/o any hard evidence to back up your hypothesis, I suggest you don't come to any conclusions or take any risks."

Unfortunately, that's exactly what she did… played it safe.

Meanwhile, My love interest had apparently lost interest in our friendship. We hadn't talked for quite some time, I never bothered to ask why… I just let fate take-over. As I always said, If it was meant to be, it was meant to be. I was in no rush. I had already had my share of boyfriends.

It came time when the boy of my best friend's dreams finally found a girl friend… in someone else! I can still remember just how heart broken she was. I knew exactly how she felt because right that moment, I was going through the same thing. She had to sweep up the shattered pieces of her broken heart for his sake though. All she could do was surpress her feelings and be happy for him, even if his girl friend was completely wrong for him. I consoled her & reminded her, "It can't last. They have to break up eventually."

After several months, he woke up & smelled the cheap perfume. He broke up w/ her. This I found out when my best friend informed whiled swinging on the swings in the park one day. I found it ironic because the apple of my eye had, too, broken up w/ his significant other. My best friend was relieved, but She couldn't help but feel miserable anywayz… "I Can't take it any more!" she declared. "He finally broke up w/ her, but all he does is talk about her! 'I miss her. I miss her eyes. I miss that little bit of gut that always hung over her tight pants. I miss her obnoxious laugh!' We're spending More time together now, but he doesn't even notice I'm a girl! I'm afraid he'll find some other girl to be with before I ever get the chance to tell him how I feel. I don't think I could handle that. What do you think I should do?!"

I told her what any good best friend would… "Do it! Go for it! You never know what could happen. You'll feel a lot better if you get it off your chest. If this mystery guy is as great as you Say he is, then I'm sure he'll understand."

I decided to take some of my own advice… my sweetheart-to-be and I had finally brought some normalcy into our relationship. Boy, was I ever glad… but I wanted more. We were swinging on the swings at the park (my favorite past time) when I stopped suddenly… "I have to go home," I cried. "Why?" he asked. "Because… I can't do this…" "Can't do what?" he replied as he made his way by my side. "This!" w/ that, I turned toward him, leaned over, & kissed him right on the lips. I never felt happier or more terrified in my entire life. Lucky for me, he kissed back.

When I told My best friend the good news, the next day… disaster struck. She informed me that she knew what I had done because it turned out we had both been pursuing the same guy all along. The day before I kissed him, She had given him a note explaining how she felt to him. Little did I know this… I felt horrible! Imagine unintentionally being the girl to break your own best friends heart! I was devastated.

I am the luckiest girl in the world to have a best friend like I do. I love her very much. Instead of being jealous, heartbroken, or angry… She said she understood. "The better girl won." She decided to let me have him.

That was a pivotal moment in my life. If I had not made the spontaneous Choice I had made, things could be completely different. Who knows, maybe my best friend would have gotten her chance after all. I kick my self everyday for not giving it to her.

The mystery boy & I are happy now. We have our occasional quarrels as every couple should, but we love each other and that's all that matters. As for my best friend, she's still looking for her mister right. Whenever we talk now, I tell her I regret all the hasty decisions I've made. I wish I could change everything. She tells me She regrets not making her decisions hasty enough.

We still love each other though…