Korun was cleaning the counter during the bar's down time. His heterochromatic eyes scan the whole of the bar; it seemed some of the gods of hangover and drunkenness had chosen this time to have an interpanthon party. Since they all can summon booze, or at least cups, that left the god of bars and innkeeping to keep to himself while this was going on.

That was until the 'front door' of the inn opened and a being walked in, and the being's appearance did make Korun's eyebrow being was of the anthro persuasion and a wolf for specific, dark navy blue fur was shown in the tattered remains of what could be seen as casual wear. A white t-shirt was ripped and torn under a crimson jacket with black jeans and gray boots in a similar state. Clutched tight to his chest was a tattered and dishevelled book. He walked to the bar, his yellow eyes seemed hollowed, rage held at bay by sadness.

"So what's your drink of choice, sir?" Korun asked, setting into his normal role.

"Unless you serve blood as drinks here, give me the highest proof ya got, 'cause I'm either going to be black out drunk or die of alcohol poisoning." He replied as he hugged the book tighter.

"Sir I don't..."

"If you aren't going to serve me then let me be!" An overlap of higher and lower voices roared out in rage.

Korun was unphased and just nodded, "As you wish."

Once Korun was seemingly out of earshot, the being at the bar began to weep while talking to himself.

"My love," He said barely above his own hearing range as memories of years long gone flowed into his mind. "She was my sweet Angel. Then the whole world went wrong, all wrong. Everything is gone, that world was my home and my life now it is gone."

Korun returned with a literal bloody mary, O type with straight vodka.

"Your drink Sir."

Taking the glass, he drank it all in one shot.