"Why are you making me do this?" The metallic sand yellow dragoness pouted as she cradled her hybrid child in her arms. "We both know I would not let them out of my sight."

The heterochromic eye father just shook his head as he patted down his suit. "Oleander, given the fact that we lose track of Cyano within the bar, imagine outside of my control."

"But this is what most first time parents have to deal with, Korun." Oleander gestured this, before noticing that said child was missing.

Korun just snapped his fingers and his child fell into his arms as said giggled. The look of Korun spoke louder than any action.

The dragoness wanted to fight it more but conceded as the door formed on the nearby wall. It opened to a nursery occupied by three beings. Two young babes and an eel-like nanny who stopped and turned looking to the gods in front of them.

"Oh," The masked eel with grey and pink symbolism covering it's head towards them. "How can I help you?"

"Miss Belle," Korun began as he stepped through the door. "I would not want to impose on you more responsables."

"I'm guessing you want me to watch your kid due to having to be away for a bit?" The black coat wearing eel pointed out while rubbing the hair beyond the mask.

"That is correct," Korun replied as he set his child down, then moved to its peer, and shifted from bending down. "Oleander has a meeting with her family and while we trust them, Cyano seems to have dimensional powers. Meaning they might get lost in the multiverse outside of the bar."

Belle followed and understood.

"I'm guessing you would be short staff, due to Demon being out and Grangal being the only one on staff."

Korun nodded.

"Well I don't see an issue with that."