The wolf could not recall feeling like this, his arms dragging on the ground from the tired expression on his face. The bar seemed empty but that did not concern him as the ache kept annoying him. Maybe it would be a nice non...who was he kidding. He works in an interdimensional bar run by a god that can control the place like a child could in their room.

With a sigh and with a swing he straightened up his back. He was going to sleep in his own bed next to his mate, maybe get some kid cuddles in, he didn't know.

"Gran, I'm…" The wolf stopped seeing the griffiness sprawled out on their bed.

He wanted to speak more but given how tired she looked he just moved to check on the kids. While the nanny was very much trusted, it did not feel right to just ignore his spawn.


Why was there water in a room with no running water?

Looking through the open door, the eel nanny in a wooden mask seemed to be holding his spawn above the water. Yellow eyes moving to see a third child that seemed to be the cause of the water.

His eyes moved back to the nanny.

"Korun and Oleander off to do something beyond the bar?" He guessed.

The nanny nodded. "It was better before Cyano found a way to open a hole to the beach room.

The wolf just felt pain, some might just say it was the tiredness taking over. Or maybe the emotional pain from other issues.

No this was something much worse.

Parental pain.

While it was not his kid causing the issue, he was the only one that could deal with it at the moment.

"I need a raise just to pay back Bell for dealing with this."