The darkened tan wooden room lay in a state of quiet as the occupants were wrapped in a sheet cuddled close together. The dark navy wolf's ear began to twitch. While still asleep it moved in the direction of the sounds of the room.

The slow breathing of him and his draconequus mate came first, along with the slight whistle from his mate's beak. Next came the sounds of the monitors from their children's room. Something they had gotten after they found their eldest had intangibility.

The far off sounds of a door opening and closing were assumed to be the nanny doing one last check before she too slithered off to rest in her new room.

So the ear stopped it's movement and the wolf let the rhythm of the night take him back to the realm of sleep.

He shot straight up after who knows how long, his mind did a quick round up on what he could hear and see.

His mate was awake and wore the same expression of surprise and worry. Her eyes to see more of the room even in this darkness and his own night vision.

The cries of the kids could be heard as well as the sounds of slithering. Both of them looked to the door connected to the bar. They noticed it seemed ajar yet still held stronge.

Both of them woke up and directed it into parent mode and whatever comes through that door is dead.

Then the door opens to find the hybrid child of their bosses, happily ignorant of the pain it just caused the household.