"Sun…oh how I hate the sun."

The shade of the umbrella felt more like a dark cave to the bright sand and waves beyond it. Curled up as his navy fur tried to move deeper into the limited shadow, the normally hidden clawed feet flexed as his ears twitched as children's laughter was heard nearby.

"Fluffy, why are you hiding under there?" A draconequus mix of griffin and dragon asked the wolf under the umbrella.

Just out of reach were two young toddlers that looked to be a mix of their parents enjoying the beach and the strange new things that it brought with it. Neither seemed to share their father's distaste for the sun, even if one was trying to make a sand castle to lay in.

"You know I'm a creature of the dark so the light is never a thing that agrees with me."

"Is that why you enjoy the oversized hats when you have to work here?"

The yellow eyes rolled in the shade framed by his navy fur and darker hair above it.


A slight chuckle could be heard from the beak of his wife as the wolf inched towards the edge of the shade.

"You take way too much joy in my misery." The wolf huffed.

"And you are being as overdramatic as you are." The draconequus replied before quickly wrapping around the wolf. "I would not want my demonic love any other way."

The children were ignorant to the goings on as their parents shared a moment of love before their mother came out of the shade.