Long summer days,

Afternoons that never seem to end.

With curt nights,

That leaves you on stand by for just a moment.

Overhead the sun stings.

The air is humid; sticks to your skin

and makes you feel even hotter than before.

Though sometimes it feels cooler outside then it does indoors.


While outside, people are still wearing masks.

Time goes by, the days seamlessly blending into the next.

It feels different somehow,

Yet ordinately the same as years past.

A strange, typical year all the same.


Regardless of how slow it felt, or to how fast it came;

The city has already started to regain its usual murmur, or so it seems.

Yet under the usual scene, there are still doubts;

On some days, there is a curiosity that sends you into a peaceful state of serenity.

Or perhaps the week is filled with a gut-wrenching worry;

What will the fall bring this year...?

A/N: Hello, lovely readers. I do apologize for my absence for the first half of the month. I usually try to post a poem earlier in the month. I have been finding it hard to edit and revise the poetry that I write.

But nevermind that, I have been working on a longer piece of writing (A short fiction story) that I hope to start posting chapters for earlier next year. This is a project that I am excited to be doing. I want to start posting longer pieces of writing (other than poetry). As always, your reviews and comments are welcomed and very much appreciated.

If you weren't aware already I have an Instagram, tomorrow, Sunday, Aug. 23, 2020, I will be doing a Q&A. I would love to answer some of your questions there or just drop by to say hello. :) (My Instagram username is Ettieloit, further information is in my bio)