A moment of awe,

In the presence of the divine.

Brought to tears by its beauty,

By its vigor, by its shine.

No words can truly convey,

This moment of pure zest,

Nor the strength of this love that thrives in my chest.

Swelled, collected, and flowing,

Watering the seed that was stunted from growing.

Accepting love from each and every tree,

From each growing plant, from every blade of grass I see.

All vibrating green, green, green.

Accepting love from each ray of sun,

Each twinkle of bright and each shimmer of light.

Love coming from everywhere -

From everything.

Light shining through the all,

Illuminating the stage of these grand waterfalls.

Each natural colour, displayed so clear.

Vibrations of energy fill the air.

A bridge to the gods,

To the divinity within,

To the knowledge of self,

And the veneration for kin,

To the tranquil fields and trickling creeks,

To the still forest and towering peaks.

At one with the all,

With all the beauty I've seen.

Filled with love,

And vibrating green.