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Okay so what is there to know? I'll start with hi. My name is Ella Amber Davis. I am currently 17 years old, but I will be turning 18 tomorrow. I live in a town called Clasal. Never heard of it? I wouldn't expect you to unless your some fairytale creature. I live on the street Myrtle Hawthorns, just an average place on an average street. Well it is for me at least, to humans it's an imaginary street in a myth of an imaginary town. Let me explain. My town is in America, New York specifically. But because I am not considered a human, I live here, the place no human would dare to go. And even if they did, my town is covered by a protective force field that doesn't allow any humans to pass. They are scared of this place anyway, the place with witches and mermaids and vampires. The place with fairies, and wizards, and mystical creatures. Basically, anything or anyone with magic lives in this town. Only the people that are 18 or older and able to "fit in" with the human crowd, are allowed to go out. Me, being the rebellious and inquisitive child I am, would always linger by the border, and even tried to pass it multiple times when I was younger.

I would always ask, "But why aren't I allowed to go passed the border now?"

And my mother would reply, "Because they are afraid of us sweetheart."

"But why?"

"Because we are not normal, they don't and won't except us. We need to contain our secret and keep all children safe."

I never really agreed with this, you didn't get your powers until the age of 18, 16 if you're lucky. However, at 16, you won't get all of your powers if you are lucky enough to get some. I was not one of the lucky ones, so I already had a feeling that I was not going to be very powerful like I wanted to when I was younger. I just hope that it will be enough to match up to my sister, Alexandria. Alexandria is 20, she has the power of autokinesis, if you don't know that means she can basically control and manipulate the weather by mixing water, ice, fire, earth, air, and lightning/electricity. The only sad thing was that she could not use only one power by itself or together to manipulate the weather since that was her power. However, even with this my sister rocked it. She wants to be a news reporter, though at the moment she just works as an assistant. She goes to Marymount Manhattan college and lives here in Clasal.

As for my mom, her name is Sarah Mary Davis. She's a mermaid who swam to New York all the way from China. I mean she traveled a lot, that's how she met my dad but still. She has the power of human legs. Though she spends most of her time in the ocean, she does also work at an aquarium, where she can communicate with all the sea animals and creatures there. Unlike my sister, my mom works right here in Clasal, which I am perfectly fine with.

And then we have dad, Luke Davis. I don't know his middle name because he never told me. He has the power of water. You see, for some of us the power is an element like my dad. For some of us the power is to turn into a mystical or fairytale creature like my mom. And then there are some of us where we just have a power, like my big sis. My dad used to live in Italy, before he discovered he had powers. Just to clarify there is a place like Clasal for all "non humans," to live and work and in all countries, states, and cities. I honestly think its cool but back to the point. My dad lived in Italy, and met my mother there. Because he had the power of water and everything water and she was a mermaid, they got along really nicely and soon enough got married before having Alexandria and I. They had Alexandria in California, but they had me in New York. My dad now works as an accountant for a huge business in Manhattan. Honestly it was shocking for all of us since we thought my dad would choose something involving water but let's just say my dad can be very surprising at times.

Given that I am not a regular human and that's not allowed outside of Clasal, I go to the Institute of Magic. I am so excited to be graduating soon because then I get to go to college. And I actually have a good college in mind, it's called Julliard, and though it's in Manhattan, it's a REALLY good school, so I want to go. And in addition to that it's only a few minutes away from the Fashion Institute. My bestie, Cobell wants to go there for college. Have you ever had a person in your class that has their birthday before the end of the school year and has to celebrate in it class? Cobell is that girl. She turned 18 in April. I remember that day all the teachers kindly reminded everyone to "wish Ms. Torres a happy birthday." The word that appeared on her wrist was "little wings" and at first, I was completely bewildered by what that meant, until the day after. She had violently knocked on my door around 10 AM.

"Geez girl, do you have any patience?"

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! Ella guess what?"


"Remember how yesterday the word 'little wings' appeared on my wrist?"

"Umm, yes?"

"Well, I found out what it meant."

"Really! What is it? Tell me! The suspense, its KILLING ME!"

"I woke up this morning, and I was walking to my bathroom, to wash my face and brush my teeth and stuff. Then I was like hmm... little wings, what does that mean? And then I was like well it can't be an angel, because their wings are the opposite of small. A dragon, no they're wings are too big. And then I thought-"

"Just get to the point already!"

"Okay so I walked back to my room, and collapsed unto my bed, and before I could even process what was happening, poof! I turned into a FAIRY!"

"Oh my gosh! Yes! I'm so happy for you!"

"Thanks, though I don't know how to expand."

"What do you mean?"

"When I did the motion again, I was back in my regular form, but when I was a fairy, I turned small, and fairies I know can expand to their regular size while still having wings."

"Well yeah, but maybe you just need time to learn to control your magic."

"Yeah, you're right, its only my first day. But I'm still super excited!"

I chuckle softly as I recall our screams of joy. Well I better get to bed, I want to be refreshed for my birthday party tomorrow.

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