We have finally made it to the end of this story. I cannot believe that I actually finished it, it feels like just yesterday I started it. I hope you enjoy this last chapter!


"The young girl finally understood everything. After receiving Evangaline's memory, the girl rushed to heal Luna with her special healing powers; before traveling home. After telling the townspeople the true story of the dark one, all of Clasal was finally united as one. People, animals, and reptiles from the Forbidden Forest were no longer feared."

"Did the girl ever get to end up with the wolf she loved?"

"Of course, Lily. And after college they finally had a little girl. Since her mother loved lily flowers, they named the girl Liliana."
"That's my name!"

"Yes Lily, it is," I say, looking over at Cody, "and they all lived happily ever after."

What did you think of that chapter? It was a my shortest chapter... like ever. I had a few ideas for how to end this book but it all came down to that overall summary. I wanted it to end the story nice so I hope you enjoyed