Year 7

I started high school when I was 11 years old, though I soon turned 12 after 2 weeks of being in school. I went in without any friends from my previous school, not that I really had any. I guess you could say I was kind of a loner. I didn't really fit in with any of the girls in my class, and the boys were to into their football and video games. I kind of like video games to, but my family couldn't really afford the latest video games or the newest phones. Not that I really minded. I was happy with what I was given, of course I wouldn't have anyone to show them too or add to my contacts.

It was a little nervous having to move around from one classroom to another to get to classes, the hallways would always be so crowed between the two it was like trying to move in a stamped, trying you best not to fall to the ground and get run over. And it never really helped that the teaches made so the first class would end the minutes the next one was meant to begin. I guess we were lucky that the teaches never scold at us for being 5 minutes later to class. Having to move through who knows how many students it would be a miracle you would arrive on time.

Each day had consisted of 6 lessons that would last 50 minutes. We would have 2 lessons, then a 20 minute break, then another 2, then a 40 minute lunch, then the final 2 before hearing the last bell of the signalling to go home.

Monday was always the worst because it was the beginning of the week, but at the same time it was the same day students got to see their friend if they hadn't met up over the weekend. Wednesday is the day everyone didn't really mind. You had already had 2 days of school and still have 2 more to go. And then Friday, the final day before the weekend where everyone is rushing to get through classes so they could go home.

You see, for me, non of these days really mattered. I was never excited to get to school on the Monday because I never had anyone to be excited to meet. Wednesday, nothing special. Friday, just another week of school finished.

And that's how it was for my 44 weeks of year 7. Nothing exciting, nothing special.

Year 8

Now this was the year I started to get noticed. In both the good and the bad way. It started after I decided to take part in a school production for our school house teams. Our school had the teams of: Romans, Vikings, Athenians, Persians and Spartans. I was a Spartan. The school decided to put of shows for each of the houses to earn points for the end of the year. Now that I think about it, it kind of sounds like Hogwards from Harry Potter. I wonder if that's where the school got the idea's from.

Anyway, growing up I had always had a passion for singing so I decided to take part in the show and sing Without You by David Guetta. After I had finished my first soundcheck on the stage I took a seat in one of the audience chairs. I was distracted at first by a book I was reading when I heard a female voice come from next to me.

"You were really great up there." I looked over to my right where I saw a girl my age sitting a could seats away from me. She had extremely short brown hair and wore black glasses on her face.

"Thanks." I said back shyly. I realised that I didn't recognise her from any of my classes, which was a bit strange as everyone in this team we all share at least one class together. "I'm sorry do we have any classes together, I don't recognise you."

She shook her head. "No I don't think you would. I from the other half of year 8. Me and a couple of guys are here to help out with decorations and painting."

"So this is like you 'get out of class' free card." I joked. She let out a little laugh.

"Yeah I guess you could say that." She answered. "I'm Olivia."

"Paige." I introduced.

Year 9

"I'm done." I looked up from my sandwich to see Daisy approaching our table looking tired. It was Friday after all. Once she got to a seat she dropped her bag onto the floor and let her head fall onto the table, her long brown wavy hair falling either side her face.

Charlie laughed as he patted her back. "There, there." I smirked as I covered my mouth with my hand, spotting the view of my sandwich full mouth.

"What happened?" Olivia asked from my left.

"I've just been given homework on top of what has already been given to me today. At this rate I'm going to be busy all weekend." Daisy complained as she sat up.

"Well we can't have that. Its Hunger Games Mockingjay tomorrow!" Charlie announced, his voice getting more and more excited as he said the sentence. I began to throw mini punches in the air before giving him a big high five.

I, unfortunately, hadn't read the books by the time the movies had started to be released so I made the decision not to read them an till all the movies were out. Charlie and Daisy of course have read them, so they knew what was going to happen in the movie tomorrow and haven't stopped teasing me about it all year long.

I guess I should introduce my new friends. After meeting Olivia last year she introduced me to some of her classmates, Daisy, Charlie, Hope and Abigail. After meeting the five of them, we've all became inseparable. We always meet up at break and lunch, I would even get to school early so we can meet up before classes start. The only downside is that they're in the other half of the year, so we don't have any classes together, but I'm okay with that. We still get to meet up in break and lunch, and hang out on the weekends.

"Be sure to bring your tissues, Paige." Daisy reminded me. I rolled my eyes.

"I knew that the minuet I saw the trailer 6 months ago. And with you and Charlie saying it every time we talk about it, it's kind of hard to forget." I pointed out. Daisy just gave me an innocent shrug.

"Well, there's no harm in being prepared." Daisy told me. I nodded.

"That is very true." I said.

"Hey do we know where Hope and Abi are?" Olivia suddenly asked.

"They both had science with Mr. Green so they're properly still in class." Charlie answered.

"Yeah, that wouldn't surprise me. Mr. Green sure likes to keep students behind for any sort of misbehaviour." Olivia said. I nodded.

"Not like its their fault. It's properly just Jason and the other's messing around." I suggested. They all nodded.

As I went to take a bite of my sandwich I suddenly felt soft hit the back of my head. I looked behind me to see some boys that are in my classes sitting a few tables behind me. They were looking over at us and laughing. One of the boys, Will, had a sausage-roll in his hand.

I didn't want to give them the reactions they were hoping for so decided to turn back round and get back to talking to my friends. It wasn't even two seconds later before I felt something once again hit my head, most likely the sausage-roll. I decided to keep my mouth shut about them and quickly go onto another topic.

"So have you guys heard the news about Star Wars being brought back?" I asked.

"This sounds like a conversation we need to have when Hope arrives. She is the Sci-Fi fan of the group." Daisy said as she leaned back in her chair with a bag of crisps in hand.

"Like your the Horror and Thriller fan of the group." Olivia pointed out.

"And then you're the Romance film type of our group." Charlie said. "And of course I am-"

"The Action and Adventure fan of our group." I finished.

"Ah ah, lets not forget our Anime fan." Olivia said as she pointed to me. I held my hands up in surrender with a smile on my face.

"Guilty." I surrendered.

"Girl, there is nothing wrong with- oh will you cut that out?!" Olivia suddenly shouted as she stood up from her chair. Maybe the throwing food at my hair wasn't getting to me, but obviously it was getting to others.

I placed a hand on her arm, trying to get her to stop. "Just leave it."

"No Paige, they're sitting there with stupid smug looks on their faces-"

"Leave. It." I ordered her. Form how the volume of my voice raised a little and my tone became quite deadly she must of gotten the message. As she sat back down I could hear laughter from behind me. "I've had this for 9 years, I can take it for another 2."

"But you shouldn't have to." Charlie said as he passed me a packet of his white chocolate buttons, my guess he wants to make me feel better.

"I know, but hey that's life in the end. And I don't mind, sure they can get all my last nerves at some points but I can take it. I know I can."

Year 10

So apparently I couldn't take it. I took it for another year with them constantly throwing stuff at me during call and break. I could take the constant rumour here and there, but that's not what made me snap.

It was when one of the bullies decided to put a bag over a girls head as a joke, trying to suffocate her. But like I said, just as a joke.

"Are you serious right now?!" I yelled as them as I pushed him away from Sophie. Sophie and I haven't really talked all that much but we're still sort of friends in a way. Sure we hung out in different groups but we still shared some of the same friends here and there. But was I really going to stand by as I watched these idiots try and suffocate her as a joke?

Not even the slightest.

"What, its a joke." Will said with a smirk as he and the other boys laughed. I looked at the group with narrow eyes.

"A joke, are you serious right now?! You could of killed her!" I yelled. 'Seriously where are the teachers when you need them?!'

"No it wouldn't have. She was fine." Cameron, another boy that liked to bully me in class, said.

"Fine? You call her breathing heavily and trying to get the bag of her face fine to you?" I pointed out to them.

"Yeah, look just watch." Will then rushed towards me with the bag open, clearly ready to put it over my face as well. I didn't even realise what I was doing until I saw Will on the floor and the bag ripped up. I had clearly pushed him and he had tripped over the chair that was behind him.

"You stay the hell away from me!" I yell to him. I then looked at the group. "And all of you stay away from my friend other wise I swear if I hear that anyone of you have tried anything like that again-"

"Oh just shut up." Jacob, a boy from my class and previous school, moaned. He was properly the worst out of all of them. He liked to spread rumours about me that weren't even true.

"I'm talk so you shut up for a second." I told him.

"You don't have the right to tell me to shut up." I said, his group nodding in agreement.

I looked at him dead in the eye, as I felt something inside me that felt like it was about to burst. All the anger I have felt to every one of these bullies, I could feel it all ready to come out.

"Oh, so I don't have the right to tell you to shut up, but you do have the right to bully me and my friends and throw things at me and spread rumours about me through this entire school?!"


I'm pretty sure that if you were to let a pin drop in the room you would be able to hear it echo against the walls. Whether it was the teacher yelling at up to move away from each other, or if it was everyone seeing the nice sensible girl just scream at a student that got everyone quiet I'll never know.

Jacob and the other walked away, clearly disturbed by what they had just witnessed. Cameron even looked a little scared of me for a second. That's what they get for messing with my friends.

I take in a few deep breaths before turning round and facing my friends, who all looked a little nervous as to what they had just seen. Never in my years of knowing this group have I ever gotten angry at them, so what they had just seen of me was a first for them. And I'm hoping a last.

I walked over to Sophie, who was standing on the side lines. "Are you okay?"

She gave me a small nod. "Yeah, thank you but you didn't have to do that for me." She told me in her soft voice. I gave her a smile.

"What are friends for?" I told her. I looked over to see a small group of girls that I recognised to be the group Sophie hangs out with standing to the side. The pair of us say our goodbyes before returning to our groups.

I walk over to the table my friends are sitting at, each of them looking nervous. "Should I go find myself another table to sit on?"

"Only if you're going to turn into the Hulk. This is a nice lunch box that I don't want to get ruined." Daisy said holding up her pink, white and cream stripped lunch box. I give her a smile before sitting back down.

"Sorry about that guys." I apologise as I buried my face in my hands, a little embarrassed by what they had just witnessed.

"Don't worry about it. I think we all knew it was going to happen eventually." Abi pointed out as she rubbed my shoulder.

"I just wish it didn't happen in front of the entire cafeteria." I said, my words muffled by my hands.

"Oh don't worry about it, I'm sure more embarrassing things have happened to others." Hope pointed out.

"Oh, like having a Sea Gull poop on your face?" Charlie said with a smirk. I glared daggers at him.

"Not funny!" I exclaimed. Charlie continued to laugh a little. I took a grape out of my lunch box and threw it at him, which he happily caught and ate.

"Come on guys, lets change the topic to a more exciting one." Olivia suggested.

"Like what?" Daisy asked. "Our mock exams?"

It was a moment out of a movie when we all moaned in unison. "What have we got tomorrow?" Hope asked.

"English and Math for everyone tomorrow." Abi reminded us.

"Me and Charlie have Friday off cause we have our monologues to prepare for." I told the group.

"That right! Lucky." Daisy muttered.

"Hey, this is just as stressful as it will be for you guys on Friday. Besides, mock are just a practise. This is our real thing." Charlie pointed out.

On the Friday, Charlie and I along with the rest of our Drama group, had our practical Drama exam that would be 10% of our final grade. For my monologue, I decided to do the famous speech from the Coach Carter film: "Our Deepest Fear". It was one of the most motivational speeches I ever heard growing up, and it was a speech I prayed for 4 months that would give me a good chance of passing my Drama exam.

I was relieved when I came home with a exam sheet, which had a B printed on it.

Year 11

I did it. I actually made it through high school. I made it through my GCSE's, and I made it through the bullying. That part I was more happy about than anything else. Through all the throwing of rubbing and kicking of my chair, the name calling, in the end it was all worth it.

And even though I didn't really want to go to prom, I'm glad I have decided too. I never thought I could look this beautiful. I was no longer white but instead a nice tanned colour. My dress, unfortunately black which is not that I wanted, was beautiful. Not the kind of dress I expected myself to wear. Short and the front and then long at the back, with a nice train. It was touched with some white lace at the front to give the dark black some light.

I sat in the back of the car with nerves. I was the last to arrive, of course that was not planned. As soon as the car stopped, my head of year opened the car from me. I stepped out of the car and took in all the cheers and claps. I almost felt like I was at the red carpet as every began to take pictures of me. I couldn't stop the smile on my face from appearing.

I was happy.

Once the pictures were over I walked over to my mum, who was talking with my friends. Hope came over to me and gave me a big hug.

"Paige, you look beautiful!" She exclaimed. I smiled.

"Thank you. So do you, all of you." I turned to my friends, seeing them all dressed up beautiful. Well all except Charlies, who was in a fancy suit. "You even do up nicely Charlie."

"Why thank you. I feel like James Bond." He said as he struck a pose. The 5 of us girl laughed. I then looked over and saw my mum talking to my tutor, Mrs Riverwood. I excused myself from the group and made my way over to them. They both looked over to me and smiled before continuing their conversation.

"So where's Paige? I haven't seen her yet." Mrs Riverwoon asked.

Now that surprised me. I knew that I would look a little different, I never wore make up in school. Never even wore a skirt. But to not be recognised by my tutor of 5 year? I guess I should take that as a compliment.

I smiled and didn't say anything as Mrs Riverwood looked around for me. It took her a moment too look at me again. She must of realised it was me when her face was suddenly filled with shock. I laughed.

"Oh my god, Paige! Look at you! You look beautiful." She said in disbelief. I smiled at her.

"Thank you, that means I lot. I didn't even realise I looked that different." I told her.

"You really do. In a good way." She assured me.

"Don't worry its fine. I guess its a good thing. Show's what a bit of make up can do for us girl." I told her.

"Now where's that attitude been the last 5 years?" Mum asked as she crossed her arms. I rolled my eyes and smiled at her. She has, after all, been trying to get me to make an effort on myself for the last 5 years. Maybe now I will.

I make my way back over to my friends. They all standing around getting pics done by their families. Charlies quickly grabs my arm. "Paige, quick. Get in the pics with us."

I have to be careful not to trip in these god forsaken heels. Once back up right I take my place between Charlie and Daisy. The photos start to get taken again. We all smile into the camera, making the most of it.

The sound of a bus honking takes our attention away from the camera. I look over and see 2 double decker buses waiting for us. "Our horse and carriage awaits." Abi said as she pointed to the buses.

"I don't think the school has that amount of money." Hope laughs.

As we all climb onto the bus I noticed Cameron, Will and a few of the other boys all sitting together on the bus talking and laughing.

"Come on, let's go to the top." Charlie suggested. As everyone started to climb the stairs, I over heard Cameron say something.

"Who's that? I don't recognise her." Now I real feel like Cinderella. I turn to the boys.

"You don't recognise me? Well that is a true shocker. I guess you'll never know." I don't give them enough time to say anything as I climb up the stairs after my friends.

I think they must of figured out it was me later on during the prom dance cause they kept on looking over at me and pointing. But to be honest I didn't care. I was happy. I had more fun than I had had in my entire life. And even though I still had to worry about college and jobs and so much more, that was all in the future.

While I still had more of my journey to go, this part had finally ended. And though it had been difficult, hard and sometimes extremely overwhelming, I go through it.

And for the first time in my life, I was proud of myself.