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He swiftly pins me to the wall before whispering in my ear, "If you tell ANYONE at all, trust me I will hurt you. Keep your pretty little mouth shut."


"SOFIA FRANCIS hurry the hell up! Your gonna make us both late!" My brother Liam yells.

"Geez, I'm coming!," I yelled back.

Doesn't he know it takes longer for girls to get dressed than guys? There is no way I'm leaving the house looking like a hot mess. I rush to put on my ripped jeans and peach colored crop top before I throw on a black beanie and choker.

"Well, that's all their going to get from me today." I whisper to myself, before rushing down the stairs.

"Took you long enough," Liam growls.

"Hey, I heard that! Sorry I overslept a little." I say as I grab a banana.

"Didn't I tell you to set your alarm Sofia?"

" I did! But I didn't hear it, you know I'm a deep sleeper."

Liam sighs, "Just get into the car."

Liam started driving me to and from school ever since 10th grade. Our parents were involved in a terrible car crash with a drunk driver and didn't survive. And to think, it was all because of me. I mean, it was the day before my birthday and they were probably out buying gifts and stuff for me. I was only 15 when it happened, my brother was 16. And knowing that he was now the man of the house, he takes care of me. Back then, we were supposed to be living in our house with our Aunt Sherise, and she did help pay the bills every other month, but other than that we were by ourselves. We just needed to keep that part secret until Liam turned 18 and became legally old enough to watch over me by himself.

The only other people that know about this little secret are my besties, Olivia and Hannah, and his homies, Oliver and Benji. Olivia is like the bold one of my group, she's not afraid to speak her mind or flirt with boys. Every boy basically adores her. I met her when I first came to Lakewood Academy. As for Hannah, she's kind of like the complete opposite, she's shy and sweet and just straightup adorable. She has a little crush on Liam's friend, Oliver. Hannah was friends with Olivia before I came to the school though. The boys are good to the point where their also like brothers of mine. Liam met Benji, (which is short for Benjamin by the way) when he started working as a delivery driver. Benji was his partner as in giving him the food to deliver and the address. Benji also was a kid going to our school.

Oliver on the other hand went to our school and ultimately became friends with Liam, pretty much like Olivia, Hannah, and I. As we pull up to the fine academy I get to call my school, I open the car door to be greeted by Olivia and Hannah, who were waiting for me.

"Girl, where have you been! Five minutes more and we'll be late to bio!" Olivia exclaims.

"Sorry girls, I overslept a bit. Let's go," I say.

"Stay safe, and do good in your classes!" Liam yells before heading off with the boys.

After a few other boring classes, I head over to my to math after waving good bye to Olivia and Hannah. This was one of the classes we didn't have together. I had math, while Olivia had English, and Hannah had art. However, after rounding the corner, I realize that I forgot my notebook back in my locker. I look back at the clock to realize I only have three minutes before I'm late to math.

"Oh shoot." I whisper, before running back to get my book.

After unlocking my locker and getting my notebook, I run around the corner AGAIN and bump straight into Hunter.

"Damn, don't gotta be so clumsy," Hunter scoffs.

"Well sorry," I scoff right back at him.

No way was he going to scare me. Now let me introduce you. Hunter Haynes the "bad boy" of the school. I mean there are others, but he was definitely the baddest one. He could scare a person by simply glaring at them or make them stutter or shiver by just speaking to them. Every girl fangirled over him. Well that is, every girl but me. The dark hair, the dark eyes, I mean I have dark hair and dark eyes too and I'm not "hot." Who the heck wants a boy that's so fricken intimidating? He seriously expects you to be either frightened by him or simping over him.

"Where are you even going anyways?" He asks.

"None of your business," I reply simply before walking away.

That was the first chapter, I know it started off slow but I had to introduce you to most of the characters. How did I do? Oh, and one more thing, I put some links in the review section, but for some reason it didn't put the whole thing so here is a description of the characters.

Sofia Francis- pale skin, glossy dark green eyes, long brown hair (Girl in the cover photo)

Liam- pale skin, dark brown hair, dark green eyes (possibly brown)

Olivia Castillo- short black hair (stops at shoulders), dark brown eyes, latina

Hannah Lee- Wavy long black hair, pale skin, big white circle glasses (thin lense), Korean

Hunter Haynes- pale skin, green eyes, black hair (boy in the cover photo)