Hiii! I'm back with another chapter for you guys. It's a bit short but I hopefully it isn't too boring.

"OMG, you still haven't spoken to him? It's been a week!"

"Olivia, calm down," I say, closing my locker.

"Don't you guys have like a chemistry class together or something?"

Hannah snorts in an attempt of leashing her laughter.

"I've been busy. He's been busy. This is life."

"But I thought you guys were really hitting it off. Is there some kiss I don't know about?"

"Olivia! He drove me on his motorcycle, we ate and talked at a café, he took me home. That is the timeline in chronological order. What else could you possibly want from my life?"

"But -"

"Olivia just give up. Let the two lovebirds be," Hannah says calmly.

I give her a disgusted look before turning away.

"How are you feeling Sofia? The ceremony is right around the corner. "

"Well thank you so very much for reminding me of that Hannah," I say sarcastically.

"I'm sorry ok? I know you're sensitive about the topic but I'm here for you."

"Hey! Me to!," Olivia jumps in.

"It's my parent's death day, how am I supposed to feel about it?"

"Stressed? Sad? Worried?," Hannah tries.

"Then you know exactly how I feel."

"Look, we'll cover for you that day if you don't want to come to school or anything," Olivia smiles softly.

"Yeah. Anything you need us or want us to do ok?," Hannah adds.

"Um, yeah sure," I say trying to change the subject, "you two have chem before me, what did you do?"

"Mostly partner work, we got to pair up and -" Olivia stops abruptly before smiling sneakily at Hannah who strangely returns the look.

"What is wrong with you two?," I ask eyes widening.

"Oh nothing. We just did some partner work is all. There's this huge project due next week that Hannah and I have to work on," Olivia continues.

"Are you guys taking any of the language classes? I want to take one to get some more credits but I don't want to do it by myself." Hannah crinkles her nose.

"I might take French? People are saying it's really easy to learn once you know Spanish." Olivia replies.

"Yeah, probably because it's one of those romance languages." I say hurriedly. "Sorry girls, I got to head to class right now or I'll be late!"

The girls wish me good luck and after a few hours of quizzes and confusing math strategies, it's finally time for lunch. Today, I woke up a bit earlier than usual so I got to pack a PB & J for lunch. May not sound like a lot, but for me it's just enough. I walk into the cafeteria to meet Olivia and Hannah at our usual spot, but for some reason they aren't there.

Where are these girls? I look around the cafeteria, and I begin to realize there aren't as many students as there usually is. My eyes land on James, one of the nerd boys from my art class.

"Hey James," I say jogging up to him, "do you know where everyone is?"

"Near the staircase closest to the field. Some fight is happening there."

"Really? With who?"

"Uh … I think some of the older kids mixed with some kids from our grade? I don't really know; I didn't want to get stuck in the mob."

"Okay, thanks!" I say before dashing to the field.

I stayed at the top of the staircase because just as James said, there was a mob of people circled around the fighters, some recording, some cheering, some gasping, some gaping. I couldn't really get a good look at them, just their 3 bodies, but I did notice a few teachers coming in our direction to break them up. In the crowd, I could easily pick out Olivia and Hannah because of Hannah's bright red nose. How could she be blushing at this time? Olivia was in front of her, carefully inspecting Hannah's face.

Wait she isn't blushing, that's blood! Oh shit! I run down the steps and start pushing my way through the crowd.

"Hannah! Hannah!" I brace myself and skid to a halt behind her. "What the hell happened?"

Olivia looks up at me alarmed before pointing to the fighters. Now being closer I was able to make out their bloody faces. Trevor, Liam, and Hunter.

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