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"And instead of asking if I was okay, he basically called me a clutz," I recall as I roll my eyes.

"Oh my gosh, you had an ACTUAL encounter with HUNTER!," Hannah whisper shouts, "Girl he is the definition of hot."

"Look he's really attractive but he's also really rude. I don't know why people don't take that part into account when they think about him. A person can be hot but rude as hell."

"Look he was probably acting like that because he was intimidated by you," Olivia whispers in my ear.

We were heading over to lunch, but normally whispered whenever we were talking about other people. In actuality, Olivia would be louder than a screaming banshee while I would be trying to get her to speak lower and Hannah would just be staring at us wide eyed, as she was utterly embarrassed. Hannah was not one for wanting attention. Now that I think about it, it's kinda funny, Olivia just really doesn't care about being loud or what others think about her. I wish I could say the same about myself.

"Intimidated by ME, oh please," I exaggerate.

"What? Maybe he has a strange attraction to you, but doesn't know how to explain it," Olivia smirks.

"Why would he? We only just met, not only that but I'm not that attractive. Like I-"

"Whatever it is, it's real cool you got to talk to him. Not everyone gets that opportunity," Hannah interjects.

Lunch was the same as always, today they served this burger with fries. And though that sounds good, trust me IT WAS NOT. The fries were soft as a pillow. And they were cold. They didn't even seem cooked properly! As for the burger meat, mine was hard as a rock and had this melted white cheese on top. For me that was disgusting, but if you like that type of stuff, Lakewood is definitely the place for you. Of course, there was that one person that got the pink meat. Today the victim was Dorothea Simmons.

Every week, at least once or twice we get served a burger with either fries or mashed potatoes, and there is always one person that gets the uncooked, pink burger meat. It's absolutely disgusting and just proves the point that even though we are supposed to be in "one of the most prestigious schools," doesn't mean the food isn't crappy.

Anyways, after finishing lunch and our little recess break Hannah, Olivia, and I headed to the last few classes of the day. After school, I found Liam waiting for me by the car.

"I heard you got to speak to Hunter today," he says.

"How did you even hear about it?," I question.

"When it comes to Hunter Haynes, word spreads fast. That includes the people he talks to."

"Oh, well yeah I bumped into him, literally. But I didn't know every single person knew about it, I guess I'm just used to the stares."

Liam chuckles slightly before he says, "Well be careful around him, that's all. He's not the best influence."

"Trust me I know that. And he's stuck up anyways."

After driving home, I rush upstairs to change my clothes and do my homework. And dang, it was a lot, I even had to call Hannah for some assistance. Whenever I needed homework help, I knew to come to Hannah. She easily understood the content and would take notes. I would do the same, but there were still things I didn't understand. Olivia was a whole different story however; she was easily distracted constantly during class.

After homework came dinner, and the world of Golden Girls until I fell asleep. Of course, the nights after followed the same boring routine, and before I knew it, 2 weeks had passed. For the first time in a lifetime I was actually late to art class. Don't ask me. I don't know how that happened, I lost track of time! One minute I'm in the bathroom freshening up, the next minute I realize I'm ten minutes late to class. I knew I should have just put my hair up!

But as I came out of the girls bathroom, I heard a guy's voice. And yeah, it was coming from the direction I was heading to. Their back was towards me so I couldn't see their face.

"Well don't pin it on me! It's not my fault you do your job shitty." A pause and then, "Just get me the damn money Carl! I need it by next week. I don't care about how much time you have, get me the money or pay the consequences, it's that simple-"

The person paused as he turned around, now realizing that I was there the whole time. And oh shoot, I would know that face from anywhere.

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