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"Carl, I need to call you back," The boy snarls. "How much did you hear?"

"Everything after Carl doing his job shitty?" I reply softly.

"So basically everything?"

I nod my head silently in response.

"Damn, you could've at least made your presence known."

I really could've, I should've, but why the hell didn't I? "WOW Hunter, you were in the middle of the fricken hallway, at school, you can't tell me you didn't expect anyone to hear your conversation."

He swiftly pins me to the wall before whispering in my ear, "If you tell ANYONE at all, trust me I will hurt you. Keep your pretty little mouth shut."

"Dang," I say trying my best to keep my composure. "Don't gotta get so aggressive- what were you even talking about anyways?"

Hunter slightly backs away and looks me in the eye as if contemplating if he should tell me anything at all before saying, "You don't need to know."

"I actually do need to know since I've now overheard your conversation and know most of your business. Which is your fault not mine since you-"

"Answered a phone call in the middle of the hallway I know, I know," He sighs. "Fine, I'll tell you, meet me afterschool behind the building. And don't tell anyone, ya hear?"

"Okay, okay I know," I reply as I try to shove him off me.

And after that surprising encounter, I attended art class, 20 minutes late; a new record. Of course, after school was over, I had to meet Hunter; and luckily got to slip away from Olivia and Hannah's grasp by saying I forgot my English book in my locker. Now they probably think of me as forgetful, but that part is still somewhat true.

As I exited the back door, I was pulled to the side by incredibly strong hands. Wait- what the hell am I even saying? Hunter pulled me aside as if I didn't know where to go. But if I do have to be incredibly honest, yes, he's a pretty strong person. As in strong enough to win any fight. That's something else that makes him too darn intimidating.

"Geez, I knew where you were," I scoff.

Hunter rolls his eyes; as if he as anything better to do!

"Now, I came back here for an explanation, but all I'm receiving is silence."

"Well for your information," Hunter huffs, "I'm trying to think of how to explain this to you in a way you would understand."

"Oh please, you were on the phone with some guy named Carl about getting money. Why?"

"Look the reason isn't any of your business, okay? All you need to know is that 1 or two years ago I got myself into some bad shit."


"Didn't I just say the reason isn't your business?"

"But I need-"

"No no no no no- the reason is too personal for you to know, so your only gonna know the things I tell you or nothing at all."

I sigh, obviously defeated, as I stare at him intently.

"Now back to what I was saying; I got myself into some stuff and that's how I met Carl. We're not really 'friends' we're moreso just partners. Now two years later, I find myself in a rough spot once again for a much better reason than the last time, and I need some money."

"Wait- do you guys like, steal from banks and stuff?"

"Who do you think we are? Robbers? Look I don't want to tell you anything about us because I don't want you getting involved. We're not stealing we're just- earning the money."

"Illegally I'm guessing. And what do you mean 'I don't want you getting involved!' You don't think I can handle it?"

"As a matter of fact, that's exactly what I think! You already know too much, and the things I'm involved in are dangerous."

"DANGEROUS! Oh God what the hell did I get myself into?"

I stare at the sky, starting to feel actual panic, before I realize that Liam is probably waiting for me. What lie do I come up with now?

"As much as I would love to hear more, I need to get home, my brother and friends are probably worried."

"Yeah; you do that I should get going too."

And after that conversation, I headed over to the place Liam had parked the car. Of course, I knew Liam would question why I was so late, so before he could even speak, I explained, "I had to check in with a teacher."

"Oh, did you get into trouble?," Liam asks.

"No; just late to a class."

Liam gives his tut tut's before we both enter the car and drive home. Though I knew I shouldn't, I racked my brain on what Hunter could be involved in. How was he getting money? Why was it dangerous? Why does he need money? What did he mean by, "I got myself into some bad shit?" And as I thought of this, I realized how little people knew about Hunter and how quick they were to judge by just looking at him.

Why is he the way he is today? Did something happen to him, his friends, his family? And if something DID happen, what was it? So many questions, but little to no answers.

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