Crystal gem,

Buried deep within,

When oh when will you shine?

Rainbow colours,

And earthly wonders,

Melt this heart of mine.

But empty spaces,

And worn out graces,

Send shivers down my spine.

Stuck in a tide,

Of run and hide,

And a series of sick declines.

But there's moments of hope,

Though often clouded with dope,

That remind me of the shine,

Of that sunset within,

Of that high noon on my skin,

And the rush of being alive.

Breathing in source,

Absorbing its force,

Feeding my Endocrine.

Now I'm here again,

In this beautiful glen,

Accepting Earth Mother at the base of my spine.

Nurtured and secure in a wonderful way,

Thanking Earth Mother - for inviting me to play.

Ever-giving and ever-loving,

In the wake of my becoming,

And always allowing of another day.