Coming back from a night out with the girls I never expected my life to change so much in a a split second, but it did. I found out later that the driver of the car that ploughed into me that night, was not only drunk, and unqualified, but also under-age and therefore uninsured, it didn't help to lessen any of the pain though. It however made me more determined that I would be joining that campaigns to try and combat young, under-age drivers.
The wail of sirens was the first thing I remember hearing, then the excruciating pain in my leg was followed by the sounds of reassuring voices around me:/p
"You've been in a car accident"
"Stay with me"
"The fire fighters are going to try and cut you out now"
"We're going to take you to hospital now, just hang in there"
After that there was nothing but blackness. When in one of my semi-consious states I remember hearing the sound or my mother crying but never quite knew why. Sometimes I wish I'd died in that car accident because sometimes it feels like it would have been the easier option.