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Sam's POV

I set my duffel on the floor just inside the dorm room. It's not shabby, but it certainly isn't grand. A light grey carpet tile that is worse than concrete to walk on covers the floor of the room. Two desks of light, fake wood stand across the room from each other, against the walls. Directly in front of me is a tall, skinny window, with a nightstand framing either side. There are two beds in the upper corners, with trundle drawers for storage underneath them. They currently have no spreads on them. A single dresser resides to the right of the door. A small closet — barely a foot deep — opens on the opposite side from the dresser. All the wood is that same, obnoxious light wood color. I walk a little further in. The walls are all a dull, eggshell neutral. I hate it.

Ian enters the room, carting the majority of my luggage. He grins and joins me in the middle of the room, cocooning me in his embrace and resting his chin on my head before looking around. "Not too shabby."

I roll my eyes. "Says the guy in some luxury suite." He kisses my cheek.

"No roommate yet?"

"No. She must not have arrived yet."

"What did you say her name was, again?"


"Emma . . . nice name."

We finish carting my things up the stairs, and Ian assembles my desk chair while I make the bed. I will not enjoy sleeping on this. It's nearly as hard as a rock.

I laugh as Ian attacks me from behind. "Stop it, what are you doing?" I protest through giggles. He nips my ear.

"I'm thinking we should break this bed in."


"What? Emma's not here, and we didn't get to do it in my dorm. Come on . . . live a little," he teases me. I suck in a breath. I have missed him. I bite my lip and glance at the door. It is closed . . .

I turn around and start to wiggle out of his hoodie. "Okay, but it has to be a quickie because I don't want to get caught by my new roommate with my boyfriend balls deep inside me."


... ...

We fool around for longer than I consider a quickie but we're well and truly dressed before long, and Emma never arrives. We finish setting my things up, putting my clothes away and arranging what few pictures I brought with me around my space. A few on the wall, one on the nightstand, a couple on the desk. Honestly, I let Ian do most of the work so I can watch him use his sexy muscles. He simply rolls his eyes when I tell him that.

We cuddle on my bed for a while, watching movies and poking at each other. I never want to be separated from him again. This past week was absolute misery.

We order pizza and stay in our cocoon of blankets. Emma still hasn't arrived by midnight, so we shut off the lights and call it a night.

Well, we call it a night at more like one am, but who's counting, amiright?

I groan as Ian tries to wiggle out from underneath me. "No . . . don't go."

"You know I have to get back to school."

"Don't leave . . ." I murmur sleepily. I grab onto his arm in my half-asleepness. He sighs and climbs back in, holding me tight. I rest my head across his chest. He kisses the top of my head.

"I do have to go soon, you know."

"I don't like it when you're not near me," I mumble. I can almost feel him deflate underneath me.

"Don't make this harder than it already is, Sammi. I'm trying to be strong for both of us."

"I know." His toned abdomen rises and falls beneath my ear. "Andy was right."

"About what?"

"Long distance is depressing."

Ian breathes a small chuckle and places a kiss on my head. His grip tightens.

"It doesn't have to be. We can video call every night. We can talk during lunch. We can sit on video calls while we do our homework. I'll visit some weekends. It'll be like we're not even apart."

"Except I can't hold your hand."

"Well you can hold it now."

Emma arrived that afternoon. She was all smiles and peppy spirit. But she firmly told me behind her happy facade was a grouchy bitch.

We couldn't go together more perfectly than bees and honey.

Ian left just before she arrived, with the promise that he would see me soon, and we could try to call tonight, so she didn't get to meet him. But she was happy to hear I was going steady with someone. That way our "nighttime visitor" rules would be fair. I don't know how, seeing as she claimed to be single, but to each their own, I guess.

When she's moved in, all I can see is color. She lays out a bright magenta rug which is soft and plush as hell and covers most of the open floor space, scarves of all different bright colors and styles are hung on her wall and around her bed along with fairy lights and photos, and her desk chair is bright pink. She sets up a full length mirror that matches color with the carpet, and her bedspread looks like a hippy puked on a mandala design.

I kind of love it.

"So, anything that is mine is yours. Use the mirror, enjoy the carpet, borrow my desk chair, I don't care. I only have so many material possessions because they make me happy, and if they make other people happy too, why shouldn't I share them? Of course your things are yours and I won't touch them. But I just wanted you to know that what's mine is yours," Emma shrugs as she collapses onto her bed. I raise my eyebrows.

"Wow. Thanks. That's really nice of you."

She waves it off like it's no big deal.

We set rules for the room regarding visitors and anything else we can think of. We're both pretty unsociable unless it's at a party, so it's really not hard to agree on stuff and compromise where we don't.

"When will your boyfriend be visiting?"

"I dunno. Some weekends?"

"Okay. I can arrange to be out of the room then."

"Oh no, you don't have to leave. Really, you don't."

"I'm perfectly aware that couples have sex, Sam," she rolls her eyes. "Unless you're one of those weirdos that abstains."

I chuckle ruefully. "I almost wish we were," I mutter under my breath.

"So, it's decided. Any weekend that lover boy comes to visit, I shall make myself magically scarce."

"Thanks, I guess?"

"Whatever floats y'alls boats."

"It really would be fine if you stayed."

"And keep the love from flowing? No thank you."

Rules set, we wander down to the dining hall together for dinner. She's actually really fun and chill.

My phone rings around eight. I scramble for my laptop and answer the video call. I smile as Ian's face appears on screen. "Hey, you."

"Hey, beautiful."

"Is that him?!" Emma shouts from across the room. She runs and jumps to join me on my bed. She waves vigorously. "Hi! You must be the boyfriend! I'm Emma!"

Ian laughs. "Nice to meet you, Emma. I'm Ian."

"Lover boy," Emma says to cover up his name.


"Your name is lover boy. We've already decided."

"She decided," I clarify. Emma shrugs.

"I decided."

Ian chuckles. "Alrighty, then."

"Well, this has been a pleasure, but I shall continue with my organizing of the drawers, over there. Please, if y'all have the urge to get funky, just give me a hand signal or something and I'll go… pop in the shower. I dunno."

I push her off the bed and roll my eyes. She lands with a thump and a protest of "hey, what was that for?!"

"We are not gonna get funky. Weirdo. Get lost."

"You just said you weren't gonna get funky!"

I throw a pillow at her. She cackles.

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