Shards of glass lay strewn about the yard, waiting to lacerate the feet of any who dare approach a certain condemned cabin, on James Street. Looking through the broken windows the intrepid observer can see the walls stained red from the blood of children slaughtered within. Upon entering the door many say they can hear the screams of young Sally Campbell, the last victim to be decapitated within the confines of these four walls. The carving board located in the center of the room usually catches the eye next. Though many horrific thoughts arise concerning the use of the device, the whispers of the recently buried Marvin Gates tell a far more gruesome tale. Most adventurers at this point run screaming back to their normal lives. The bravest however linger for just a moment and glance at the mirror on the far side of the cabin, to see the image of themselves with a carving knife in one hand and Sally Campbell's head in the other.