Buta no Yuusha: I'm the Pig Hero now, aren't I?

Chapter 1: In another world… as a Pig!?

Ugh! There's too much sun… did I forget to close the curtains again? The man groaned as he slowly stirred awake, his eyes looked out in front of him to see the sun shining down through several tree branches. At least the leaves are blocking most of the sun, I can handle this much. He slowly began to return to his slumber, but then the thought came back to him. Why are there trees in my room!? His eyes quickly shot open and the trees he saw before had appeared more clearly. "What the!?"

Rising from the ground, the man looked around and found that he wasn't in his bedroom at all. The area around him was a lush, vast forest. The sound of birds and animals echoed in his ears and he could see a small lake behind a large tree in front of him.

"This is not my room. And this ground is not my bed… why is it comfier than it though?" He thought aloud blocking the sunlight with his hand. "My house was never around any forests. How did I even get here in the first-!?"

His eyes bulged from his head as he looked at the hand in front of him. The hand in front of him wasn't his own, it was bigger, darker skinned, and more importantly… not human.

Is this what I think this is? No way… no way it can't be… He quickly stood to his feet, something he also noticed weren't human and ran over to the large lake to see his reflection. No way… The reflection had revealed a dark skinned, pig like creature. A short but thick beard that connected to his sideburns, an orange bandanna wrapped around his forehead underneath a thick mane of hair with a small pair of horns hidden underneath. A pink pig nose twitched at the smell of everything around it. This can't be real… Raising the new animal hand to his face, he pinched his cheek and winced at the pain. But he didn't wake up from the dream.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!" He screamed into the sky, his voice unleashing a booming sound wave that echoed through the forest. The sound loud enough to boom in his ears as he groaned from the affects. "Ow… that kinda hurt… but if that didn't wake me up. Then it really did happen. I'm actually in another world!"

I have to calm down, try to focus on what's going on and remember how this even happened? He looked back to his new reflection as he tried to recollect his thoughts. I know for certain that the last thing I remember is going to sleep in my own bed. So that means I didn't go through the reincarnation route of the stereotypical isekai… suck on that, truck-kun. But I don't remember hearing any voices or whatever calling me either. I'm sure this would be the summoning route, but wouldn't you just come to another world in your own body? Why did I become my tabletop character?

Belialdorz Bloodfang, a pig orc warrior and my first ever character for tabletops that I played with my friends. I liked him so much that I had commissioned an artist to design how he looked. To think I'd actually get to see him come to life.

He took a better look at what Bel had, the harness around his chest that connected a long fur cape to his back. A pair of leather bracers tied to his arms, at his waist was a belt holding a loincloth in place, another staple above held a furry holster that held two hunting knives inside. He noticed what seemed like a tribal looking messenger bag made of an animal pelt, and on his feet were a pair of furry open toed shoes. Man, at first glance anyone would think that I was a tribal pig in every way. Though technically Bel's race is more of a boar… but whatever. He raised his arms above his head and flexed to see the muscles bulge outwards, then he lowered them to lift his now large belly, dropping it to watch it bounce for a few seconds.

"Thick muscular arms with a big bouncing gut, I'm the definition of a musclegut now. I wonder if the other stuff I imagined is…" Looking back to the loincloth, he slowly pulled at the waistline and looked down to see what was inside. "Buhehehe… yep, he's a big hog in every way. Wait, did I just laugh like that? I guess I really am a pig..."

The fact that I remember who Bel is shows that I still have my memories. But how much do I remember exactly? He wondered as he focused on the memories of home. He could remember his parents, his siblings, his time with friends, even his childhood. "Seems like everything is all accounted for. No memories lost, I even know my name is…"


"Huh?" His eyes widened when he heard the sudden static out of nowhere. "My… my name…"


"My name is…"


"Damn!" He groaned, clutching his head in pain as the static caused a migraine. "What the hell? Why can't I… why can't I remember my name? Is this some effect of being summoned here? But if that was the case then why aren't the rest of my memories gone? Why just that?" The thought just confused him the longer he lingered on it. "I should probably figure out what to do next, but… where do I go?"

He… Belialdorz looked to the forest in front of him, the vast trees that hid untold dangers before him. It made him nervous, unsure if he should explore them out of safety, but a sudden need began to grow; he wanted to venture out, to see what was out there and experience it. He had to do this for some reason. Looking over his shoulder, he could see a large bone axe hanging on his back. "Right, I'm sure I can do this. I've got Bel's weapons and strength on my side. I can handle it." He gulped rather nervously as he stared off past the trees. "I can handle it…"

Taking a deep breath, Bel slowly began to venture outside of the clearing. The scenery was vastly different as he began to walk deeper into the forest, the sounds of unknown creatures around bringing a chill down his spine as he continued onwards. "Calm down, at best most of these sounds are just from smaller animals. Birds, squirrels, rabbits… but this a fantasy world… where even the smaller creatures could probably kill you… you know what? I should just stop thinking right now, simply keep moving forward and forget everything else!" The moment he said that however, the boar tripped along a rock and found himself rolling downwards through several bushes until falling back against a tree.

He sighed heavily finding himself upside down. "Okay. Keep moving and forget everything else… except watching where I'm going." The pig orc rolled back to his feet with a groan, his groans grew louder as he looked at his surroundings and found himself in a darker part of the forest. "Oh shit… now I'm even more lost!"

Bel looked around in the darkness, but he found that his eyes could see everything clearly. His vision had changed seeing everything around him in a simple grey color however. This must be Bel's dark vision. Being part orc lets him see in the dark because of that. It's kinda weird seeing everything in grey though, it's like a black and white movie. Looking a bit more, the boar noticed a much brighter light in the distance. An exit out of here, perfect! Now I can get out and… wait. What's that sound? His ears twitched as the strange sound grew clearer to him, the vicious sound of growling grew louder behind him the further he walked towards the light.

He began to run faster, his gaze focused on the light but his ears continued to hear the beasts in the shadows as they quickly followed behind him. He rushed, unable to control the power in his body as a simple jump over a log flung him several feet through the trees. Smashing through the tree branches as he finally reached the exit."Oh crap!" He flailed about as his hands grabbed onto another branch, the pig soon found himself hanging in the air.

"That… wasn't what I wanted to do." He looked up to the branch holding his weight, his hands clutching hard enough to break the bark. "Damn, I'm usually glad that I put so many points into Bel's strength… but without any control I'll be flying all over the place. At least I managed to get away from whatever that danger was."

Bel's ears perked up however, the growling he heard growing louder as the creatures appeared past the trees he flew through. A pack of ravenous wolves appeared before Bel, their mouths drooling for their next meal as they circled around the tree he hung from. "Aw hell… can this get any worse?" Bel suddenly felt the branch tilt, his grip strength causing the bench to break before his very eyes. "... I hate myself so much right now."

Unable to handle his weight anymore, the branch finally broke and Bel fell to the ground. The fall damage didn't seem to affect him, but he couldn't focus on that as he looked to the wolves surrounding him. They snarled fiercely, hungry for a taste of pig meat. Bel reached back for his axe, but his franticness made him unable to pull it out from his harness. Dammit! Why won't it pull out!? His thoughts distracted him enough for a wolf to pounce and bite at his arm, soon more began to attack, biting and holding down his limbs to the point of pinning him to the ground. Another wolf stood atop of him, drool dripping from its lips as it readied to bite at his neck.

Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit… I'm gonna die! He looked back to the snarling wolf ready to bear its fangs at his head. Bel shut his eyes for what was to inevitably come, but as the darkness blanketed his eyes the sounds of snarling suddenly stopped. It's quiet? Am I… dead? He wondered as a strange smell hit his nose. The smell of metal? Where's it coming from? And why do I feel so wet? His eyes slowly opened to look at his surroundings, the boar looked in absolute shock as he found himself in a complete massacre. Shredded remains of wolf corpses surrounded him, their bodies seemingly torn apart by something monstrous. As he looked to his bloodied hands and body, he realized what had happened. No way… did I do this?

There was an odd feeling to seeing this, Bel wasn't sure why but the fear he had was gone. But it wasn't just that. There's no remorse. He thought as he walked away from the scene. Bel is a hunter, so I guess it makes sense that … he wouldn't feel anything when killing animals or anything. No… that's not right. "Ow! Sanuvah!" A sudden pain caused the boar to slam his arm into a nearby tree. The force caused a few cracks into the wood. He looked back to see that the thing that hurt him was a large snake now dead from having its head smashed into the tree. The creature gave him a sudden craving as his stomach began to growl in hunger.

Watching the stars shine in the night sky, Bel sat back in the clearing he awoke in. The smell of cooked snake caught his attention as he looked back to the fire he made. "I can't believe I made a fire so easily. I even knew how to cook this snake… and I've never gone camping once in my life." Pulling the stick out of the fire, the boar bit into the snake and his eyes lit up from the taste. "Mmm! Snake meat is pretty good! I could get used to this!" He eagerly ate more off the stick in his hand, but at the same time he couldn't help wondering things. How is it that I could make a campfire like this? And why do I know how to cook animal meat like this? He questioned himself as he continued eating. Is it because… I'm in Bel's body right now?

"Now that I think about it, while I don't know why I know this… I'm pretty sure that snake was poisonous. And yet it's been a few hours since it bit me. Why hasn't it taken effect?" The boar scratched at his beard trying to come up with an answer. "Hey wait, I know why! Bel's Thick Fat trait! It was a trait that was part of his race, it makes him resistant to poison. Talk about being lucky, buhehehe… wait a second." Something didn't sound right with what he just said. Bel never had that trait in my lil bro's campaign. It was originally… another friend's tabletop. Granted we only ever had one session, but the trait came with it there. And then there's this bag he has. His hand rested on the bag sitting at his side. He didn't have a bag like this in the game, but it looks familiar to something.

Belialdorz sighed, he finished his snake but he couldn't help feeling hungry still. "Man… what I'd give for a pizza right now, or some hot dogs, burgers…. Ice cream?" The thought made him drool for the sweet confection. "Yeah, I could really go for some ice cream right now." All of a sudden, the boar's ears picked something up. He looked to his right and found a strange door standing before him. "What the? Where did that come from?" He looked at the star adorned at the door and found it rather familiar. "It came when I mentioned ice cream… does that lead where I think it leads?"

As his curiosity got his best of him, the boar stood and stepped closer towards the door. He slowly stretched out his hand and gripped at the doorknob, it turned and slowly the door began to open to a bright light. As Bel entered into the door, the light slowly dimmed and revealed what looked to be a large store. Shelves were adorned full of mysterious items, books, and even weapons and armors.

"Whoa, is this shop… is this really what I think it is?" He questioned aloud.

"A customer! Hold on, I'll be right there!" A sudden voice came from the corner of the store.

Bel watched to see several books floating through the air, flying into the nearby shelves as a figure behind them appeared from the corner. The figure was a older tanuki with a pair of round spectacles over his eyes. He wore a green vest adorned with a gold diamond design over a red shirt which cropped over his chest revealing his fluffy belly. He wore a black and green loincloth and green leggings on his feet of the same color.

"Ah good customer!" A calming voice shot out. The imposing size and shape of this furry man was betrayed by his gleaming smile as he bowed to his new customer. "Ah Belialdorz! Welcome welcome, to my general goods store! How may I assist you on your journey this fine day?"

"M-Moriyoshi!?" Bel blurted in shock. Oh. My. God! One of my little bro's characters is right in front of me, in the flesh! And he's actually talking to me!? Bel was absolutely elated by this moment, it was something any character creator had dreamed of. If this is based off the tabletop game after all, then there's plenty more characters I can meet. Oh man, I wonder if they'll really be like they were in the game!

"Yes yes, that is my name. Though I'm sorry to say, I'm not up for hiring or for sale! Oh hoh!" He chuckled before he settled onto his seat behind the counter. "Now, you have summoned my shop for a purpose. What brings you here, my good man?"

"Oh! Well um I kinda just... said it by accident. It's kinda hard not to summon your door when you're hungry." Bel chuckled nervously. "Hey wait, your store? But wasn't this place your master Inarios' store? What happened to him?"

"Grandfather? Oh he retired when I came of age. I was running it by myself for a while regardless!" Mori crossed his arms as he peered closely at Bel. "If it is food you wish to peruse, does that mean your pouch has coin?"

"Some coin? Huh, um... maybe?" He looked back at the leather bag he had with him and opened it to see. "Lemme just look inside here, I might have some... huh?" When he opened the bag, Bel looked in surprised as the inside was pitch black. He reached inside and moved his arm around but he couldn't seem to touch any walls or even the bottom. "What the!?" I can't seem to reach anything... The bag feels like it's bottomless.

"Ah...I assume your holding bag is empty?" The tanuki held his head up, his ears drooping and brows sagged. "It's only polite to go to a store with something of value to trade. Though it seems you are more broke than a man in debt!"

"It's not that... I just can't reach anything in here. Hang on please..." Opening the bag more, Bel dove his head inside to see what he could find. "Holy crap!" He looked to find that the inside of the bag was vast at least the size of a large city before pulling his head out. "The bag is stupidly huge inside! I knew it reminded me of something! It's the magic bag from... um..."

"...Well have you tried thinking of what you need from it? If you didn't have money, you wouldn't be searching so much."

"I just... think of it?" Bel focused as he thought of having gold in his hand, the moment he dove back inside he pulled back with a handful of gold coins. "Hey it worked! See? I had money after all."

"So you do!" He took the exact change from Bel's hand and brought out a wooden and well polished box, wrapping it in a soft fabric like a bag. "A bento meant to fill a heart or two! This is exactly what you wanted, yes?"

"Well... I guess I won't say no to more food, And it'll be better than eating more snakes. Thanks Mori." The boar smiled as he eagerly chomped on the food without hesitation. "Mmm, this is good! And here I thought I'd be stuck eating snakes and hunting while in this world!"

"It sounds like you are lost, friend." The tanuki pulls up a cloth and starts to wipe the table with how much of a mess Bel was making. "Do you not know your own place in the world?"

"Place in the world?" Bel gulped the food in his mouth, he felt nervous as it sounded like the tanuki had found him out. "Oh! Y-You meant from where I was when I summoned your shop right? I was in a forest so I just kinda... you know what I mean, right Mori? B-Buhehehe..."

"I am no fool when it comes to matters of the heart. You look and dress like an adventurer yet you wander about listless with the wind." Mori seemed to have conjured a cup of hot tea out of nowhere and took slow sips. "When my shop comes to those in need, it is no whim of fate. If you choose not to talk about your troubles, then your troubles you shall keep."

No doubt about it now. He really does know... He sighed in defeat. "So... how long have you known? That I wasn't really Belialdorz?"

"About when you said ice cream." He finished his cup and placed it upon the table. "The world has yet to create such a concoction and if such a thing does exist, it is by the whims of those who wield magic and do not require my services. My existence here presides outside of the normalcy of time and space, so I may be privy to knowledge not known to the common man."

"And just like that, I feel both intrigued yet also lost by the way you speak... you're definitely Mori alright. Gosh it's just so cool to meet my lil bro's character in the flesh."

"I only state the truth of things, as plainly as I can to help. Though you are indeed a special case, you have yet to speak why you have come and chosen to hide under a guise."

"Right, I guess I should introduce myself. I'm..."


"Shit!" He cursed under his breath as the familiar static rang through his head. "I forgot about that... sorry. This might sound crazy especially to a mage like yourself, But you see, I come from another world. One much different than here. In fact, this world was actually created from mines. You see, where I'm from I got to play tabletop games, a form of roleplaying involving stories and making your own characters. The reason I know you for instance is because the lil bro I mentioned before, he was the one who created you."

"Crazy? My friend, to be a mage is to understand your place in the world. If you stop and question why you exist at every step of your life, you would never arrive anywhere. We all know we come from a force beyond our control, it is no different from how a druid nurtures new plant life. If I and my world were created by the whims of a man or god, so be it. It is how you exist that defines your place." He sat back and gazed closely at Bel. "If you were indeed the creator of this world, then it is clear that you do know your world. You just don't know your place in it yet."

"I'm not the creator though, I just took part in playing in it. And the only thing I created in that game was Bel, and I guess his tribe's story too. But things are kinda different here." Bel explained. "I was attacked by wolves earlier and I managed to survive the bloody massacre. I think it was me somehow unlocking Bel's berserker mode. But then that snake I ate bit me when I found it and was poisonous, Bel has a resistance to poison, except... he has that ability from another tabletop I played. From that I was thinking this world was some kind of mix of games that Bel has been in. But now there's this bag." He pointed back to the magic bag at his side. "I remember exactly where it came from. But it wasn't from a game at all, but a roleplay story between me and yet another friend of mine did together. This whole thing is just more confusing to me, and to top it off more. I can remember everything of my life, but for some reason I can't remember my name! Every time I try I get this static in my head stopping me. Why is that the only thing I can't remember? Why was I even put in Bel's body in the first place? I just... don't know..."

"A name is more than just a word. It carries the weight of identity. Whoever or whatever placed you within that individual's body specifically set a backdoor lock so to allow you to leave as much as it can force you to stay." Mori responded. "Magical rule dictates there is no such thing as the perfect spell, there will always be a flaw even if it is created by divine hands. I daresay, if you learn your true name, it is a key to return you back to where you came from."

"So, you think that if I find a way to learn my name again. I could also find my way back home? Then that means I'll have to venture off in this world, see what exactly is out there. The unknown, the mystical, the... excitement." Just the thought of it made Bel smile uncontrollably. "Whoa! Hehe, I think Bel's excitement for adventure is rubbing off on me. But... I'm kinda nervous to. I barely know what I'm doing out there, I managed to survive thanks to Bel's ability to be too angry to die, I don't even know how to make a campfire or cook food I hunted. Though I... somehow managed to do that just fine. It's weird, somehow it's like... Bel's helping me with what he knows?"

"Is it strange to you? You are in his body. His knowledge is yours too. However much or little that can serve."

Bel took those words to heart, if his own creation was willing to help him in his time of need then that should mean something. And if adventuring into the unknown is the only way for him to find a way home, then he'll have to work hard for it. "Alright, I've made my decision. I might not have much in terms of Bel's skill, but I do have his memories and knowledge. So if I wanna get out there and remember my name, I'm gonna have to train and get strong enough to do it! I guess that means I'll be having myself a training arc. I really am in my own isekai anime, and it's apparently the hard version too. Better than most others I guess... least it's not the extreme version."

"Just...don't do something silly like dying. You are living for two right now, take the dive but make sure you are alive by the end of it."

"That's what I meant by the hard version. If this was the extreme I'd probably have come here in my own body with no abilities at all accept probably the most useful yet still sucky ability of going back in time every time I died." Bel was joking, but still gave a sigh of relief for not having that happen. "I could really use your help too, Mori, I know Bel has some magic from his abilities and powers too. Having a wise mage friend to learn how to use them from would make it easier to figure it out."

"My friend, it seems you've already forgotten that my services are for those in need. I am both bound by duty and power to my shop because you are but one voice in need of an ear. Besides, I am not a very good teacher!" Mori laughed before standing up and gave a bow. "However if you wish to find a teacher to use Bel's abilities, you only need to ask him such on how to use it. It is up to you on how you use that knowledge!"

"Right... I guess that makes sense. But can I at least... come back and visit you while I'm training? If you're not a teacher, then I could really use a friend in this world."

"Yes. You may visit when you need someone to talk to." He smiled "I am a businessman, but I have a heart."

"Thanks Mori, you're exactly as I knew you'd be. My lil bro makes some great characters." He smiled as he stood up and stepped toward the door. "I'll see you again soon. I'll let you know just how much I've progressed over time."

"I'll look forward to it." The tanuki waved him off as Bel returned to the forest.

"Back where I started…" The bore sighed as he stood next to the fire. Bel? I'm not sure if you can hear me or not. But I'm counting on you to help me learn how to be more like you. I've gotta get stronger if I wanna remember my name.

"Alright! The training arc begins now!"

It's been a long time since I posted anything here, been busy working on a book which should be getting published this year. But till then, I hope everyone enjoys my first ever Isekai story. Feel free to read and review