I am Tired of being alone



This is the fifth part in a series stories which takes place taking place early on in Season 18th...It comes at a time for Gibbs to finally tell Jack that he's tired of being alone and wants her in his life...

Chapter 1

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Early on in her friendship with Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs was a complicated complications started the minute she had met him at his house three years earlier at his house during a hurricane. She had been able to fit in somewhat with the team for whenever the team had gotten stuck with a case.

There were times that her presence would annoy the team leader Gibbs. He would try to constantly try to push her away from him at first. Until Later on things changed though when he felt secured enough with working with her and a friend of Director Leon Vance and due to her involvement with the Army years prior.

She was working late in her office finishing up a long week. She barely had time to see the team leader. She had thought that he might be avoiding her for the most part. Feeling sleepy, she decided to close up the office for the night and see if Gibbs was working late.

Though he had left to meet up with his ex wife Rebecca for dinner at his house. There he made Chicken Marsala with her help. She had been doing so much better since getting off the booze after her boyfriend a lawyer had broken up with her and since she had her ex husband Gibbs helping out with talking through her problems.

It was just dinner though and nothing else since he was exhausted and needed to get some rest before starting to work on a new project in the basement.

"I just hope Jay that no one does bothers us tonight during dinner?" She will say said while watching him bring over the plates piled sky high with food and smelling delicious...

"The only one I would think that will be Jack Sloane. She had been bothering me all week about coming over to the house and to relax. However right now I just can't put my heart into it now." He stated with mixed emotions and Rebecca feeling sorry for him that he's not able to open his heart again after what had happened with Luke Harris and the abduction of Phineas by Sahar.

"I am sorry Jay, maybe you need to relax more and just let your mind and body roam." She smiled while cutting into her Chicken Marsala.

"I just wish that I could Rebecca. Well anyway let's eat and get you home in time for your meeting in the morning." Gibbs said while taking a swig of his beer from the a Budweiser bottle.

They ate in silence until Gibbs heard a knock on his door. It was locked since he had been locking it for a few years now. He had gotten up to be seeing Sloane standing in the doorway wanting to know about whether it was alright to come in or not.

"Actually Jack I have company with my ex wife Rebecca having dinner. I am sorry this is not a good time for you to be here." He stated while turning to see Rebecca watching him with great interest!

"It's fine Gibbs, I should of called first instead of wasting gas to come here. I could use a night of sleep and should go to bed early after a long week on the cases to work on." She slightly yawned while saying a good night to him and watching watched Rebecca for a moment before walking out to heading to her mini cooper...

Weeks later when Special Agent Gibbs had been shot twice in the chest and leg while trying to find Phineas from being abducted. It was a blur of images during that time and into two years during those next two years.

Their friendship had developed into something more... Now he always tired being alone now especially working in the damn basement after always working late on the cases.

Even one night even Director Leon Vance one night with stayed late. He had seen Gibbs sitting at his desk thinking deep with his in thoughts. "Gibbs why are you still here when I should be sending Jack home as well. She has been working way too hard during these past weeks."

"I would had assumed she will not want to go home after I heard that her daughter Faith had come to her finally and thinking of about having the baby and getting married." Gibbs had to say as he rubbed his tired eyes. And his body ached from the long day of working in the field.

"Your team is home now. I suggest you do the same. with taking Take the high road to your basement or where you're going to be sleeping tonight." Leon placed his hand on his shoulder coming over to his side of the desk

"And I shall Leon. But first I should go check on Jack and see how she is doing." He shut down his computer terminal along with his light. While Director Leon Vance was going to be doing the same by spending some time with his daughter Kayla who was home from College.

As for Leroy Jethro Gibbs he took the elevator to the level for where Jack Sloane's office was located...