I am tired of being alone

Chapter 17: Final chapter

Summary: This is the final chapter for this particular story. Thanks for reading...

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Two weeks later.

A tour bus had been rented with 25 guests on board the bus. The bus driver a former Stillwater resident was glad to take on the job of driving everyone to the small ceremony at the Stillwater Crystal lake. It was a gorgeous day with no clouds in the sky and with temperatures in the low eighties.

Special Agent Gibbs was getting dressed in the old house opened with his worker from the general store was helping as with his best man. Pastor Jimmy Palmer was at the church with special permission a special mass for those residents living in the town and having remembered Gibbs and his father Jackson from the past.

Some 45 citizens had shown up to have Palmer nervous at first. Since he had a wedding to married Gibbs and his future bride Jacqueline Sloane.

Sloane was getting dressed with her maid of honor at the local hotel while the transportation would be waiting to take the party to the lake.

The tour bus was due for another hour along with the refreshments, tables and chairs on site of the lake with a small catering outfit of Stillwater helping with making the foods, drinks and even entertainment.

Jacqueline Sloane was nervous with Bishop helping with her white dress with sequins all over the dress having to be short above the knee. She was able to wear a small veil over her face during the ceremony. Bishop wearing a pearl color dress long with black heels.

An hour later the tour bus had arrived with all of the guests and including Ducky deciding to take the bus instead of driving.

He was dressed in his black tie suit to be walking Jack down the grassy walkway of an archway built. Everyone was escorted to their seats before the ceremony will begin. Gibbs and his best man Tim as well wearing his black suit while holding the ring. He was very proud of his boss finally going to be happy.

Jimmy Palmer was standing in between the archway filled with all types of flowers, balloons and a banner. He was pleased that his duty at the church went well.

Meanwhile Ducky and Jacqueline along with Kayla a bridesmaid was walking ahead of her holding purple and red flowers. Ducky tells Jacqueline that he's very proud that his long time friend Gibbs was marrying a beautiful woman.

Giving the clue to began. They began the trek down to the archway for where Gibbs and Palmer were waiting. McGee was standing next to him nervous as hell watching the three of them walking down to finally make it with Gibbs winking...

The small gathering had stayed standing until Palmer tells them to sit for now. He cleared his throat for a moment before beginning.

"Ladies and gentlemen we are gathered here today for the ceremony of Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Jacqueline Sloane to enter into the world of marriage between a man and a woman. I understand that Leroy and Jacqueline have something to say to each other." He tells the crowd in front sitting.

Gibbs turns to face Jack with her white veil with lifting it to talk first.

"I must admit I had never thought I would wind up in this situation again with this beautiful lady. However I am going to make it the last. I love you, Jack a great deal and I am going to do my best not to screw this up." He will say before Jacqueline begins to speak.

"Like you I did come into your life like a hurricane and let's hope it will stay calm for the rest of our married lives both in sickness and most of all our health. I love you, Leroy Jethro Gibbs and forever!" She smiled knowing full well just what was on his dirty mind after this day was over...

Palmer begins to talk again with the ending of the ceremony. "As you can see that these two special people truly do love each other a great deal and may it last forever ending. May you kiss your bride to be married in the eyes of god and the church."

Special Agent Gibbs kisses his bride with such passion that the both of them didn't want to end the kiss.

"God bless one and all and enjoy the food and drinks behind all of you and enjoy this beautiful day." Palmer said to have everyone throwing rice at the married couple heading for their table set up and the beginning of a new life. THEY HOPE!

The End