She is like the colour red;
Fiery, passionate, strong,
In so many ways,
She is burning too bright to hold.
Like an all-consuming fire, she is beautiful
And leaves me breathless.
She lights a spark in my soul that yearns to be closer,
Wishes things were different,
Wishes it could be,
But it can't.

She, is like the colour blue.
Comforting, calming, steady,
Like the waves of a flowing river,
Slow, gentle, as if scared to touch
And scared you'll go.
She holds onto me as if I was the most precious,
The most valuable thing she owns.
She is kind, she is afraid, she is the north
On my compass to home.

Both so different yet so similar,
My love for them only grows.
I am lost in a maze of unknowns
And I wish I could just go home.