Ok, I don't want to tell a story you all heard before, but I'm not very good at coming up with my original stories. So, here goes nothing.

Once upon a time, there was a king, named Louis. He was a bad king, decadent, out of touch with reality, and lived in luxury while the people starved.

One day, the people got so fed up with the King's behavior, that they banded together and rose up against him and instituted a democracy where everyone was equal and no one had to worry about food or medical care ever again.

The end.

Ferris: That's it?

Ernest: I told you I'm not good with this!

Marcus: You could've at least said how the people came together, and who lead them.

Cortney: Yeah, you do that to us all the time.

Humbert: (A young man around the same age as Ernest. He's a blissful fighter who blindly follows Ernest's orders and will take any excuse to fight) I wanted to hear more about the fighting.

Ebony: (A poor dark-haired girl in the same grade as Ernest. She has a huge crush on Marcus, and Ernest might have a crush on her.) Of course you would.

Humbert: Fighting's fun.

Ebony: For some.

Humbert: I'm not your dad Ebony.

[Ebony glares at Humbert]

Ernest: Too soon.

Humbert: Sorry.

Ebony: It's fine I guess.

Dodger: (Ebony's little brother. He's a few grades below her and is treated like a son by Courtney, Vincent & Ferris) I'm glad we left them. Never did us any good, right Sis?

Ebony: Right.


Ernest: Fine, I'll tell a better story. Just let me think. Got it!

At a small tavern, a young man with golden hair and blue eyes stood on a table and said to all who were there, "Listen everyone! The price of everything has gone up, and just because of the drought. The King, instead of lowering taxes and doing relief work, is just sitting in his castle living the life of luxury!"

"How do you know?" asked a man with dark curly hair.

The blonde man looked at him, and answered, "Just last year, a simple loaf of bread coast only $2, now it's $10! The government knows the average person can't afford that price, and that every creature needs food to live, and not everyone can get or make flour. And what have they done? Demand more taxes! Not to lower the price of food, or provide food to the needy, but money, simply to have it!"

"You make a good point." The curly man said, "But what are we gonna do about it?"

"Make them hear us!" The blonde man replied. "Peacefully protest, and if that fails, revolution! They can't stop all of us!"

"Yes they can!" A man with a crooked nose shouted. "The guards and soldiers are loyal to the king. And I doubt they would want to give up their steady jobs."

"What if they're upset with their lives too?" The blonde man suggested.

And so the whole tavern argued and debated for hours, until eventually most of them were on the blonde man's side. They spent days planning and facing adversary from blind loyalists and those who didn't want to get rid of their comfortable and "stable" lives.

Eventually, they started protesting, and the noble rebels grew their numbers, and just as the crooked nose man warned, the government wasn't happy. But the people's voices were too much, and eventually, the government was toppled and replaced with a democracy almost identical to what we have here in New Wales. The people were given food allowances for their families and households, free healthcare for all! And finding housing was easy.

And everyone lived happily after, the end.