Order and Chaos

Izzy's Short Story

Copyright 2020 Anthony Bicy.

In the region of Unami sat a beautiful port town. The town was made with several wooden homes that led to the westside beach. Multiple people spent their time at the mouth-like beach, the docks making up the top and bottom lips. Isolated on the clean sand was Asuke, a teen with short black hair, gray casual clothes, and an excalibur-like sword sheathed on his back.

"They're taking their sweet time, huh?" he mumbled to himself.

"Excuse me, sir," a voice called, making Asuke rise and turn.

Standing a foot away from him was a strange individual. The man's blue and red helmet covered his eyes while his black dreads escaped from the back. Other than that, Asuke immediately noticed a katana tied to a loose strap over his tight clothes.

"All Chosen are forced to keep their weapons at their homes in this town. Either you're new or you're rebelling," the stranger informed.

"I wasn't informed until now, but I won't part with my sword. You're gonna have to deal with it." As far as Asuke could tell, the man stayed calm as he grabbed his weapon.

"After being informed, are you actively rebelling?"

"I won't disarm myself just to be attacked later."

"Then I'll have to physically enforce the law."

Once the man's weapon was fully drawn, Asuke backed up and drew his.

"Rules must be followed. Lawbreakers will be taken care of."

The enforcer took a swipe, but Asuke easily blocked with his blade. Since his first attack was blocked, the man unleashed many more.

"He's not faster than me. That means he's a native," Asuke thought as he guarded each slash.

Noticing the speed difference, the enforcer stabbed the sand and pushed some up with the flat of his blade. Instead of defending, Asuke slashed through, but his opponent vanished.

"A rule enforcer has to play dirty, huh?" Asuke taunted.

In the sand, the boy spotted free-flowing water circling his feet. Before he could do anything, the water shot up like a geyser, completely surrounding him.

"You should have been more careful. Now, you can't escape," the enforcer spoke, but Asuke couldn't see him.

Suddenly, the man's katana cut through the water. Unable to dodge in the small space, Asuke went to guard, but the blade stopped mid-attack.

"What the hell is going on?" a distorted voice said.

Outside of the water geyser, Asuke spotted two figures staring at him.

"Takashi was right. Someone should have stayed with the dumbass," the red-haired Akura said in her asymmetrical bikini.

"We don't know this is about Asuke yet," the purple-haired Danielle said in her bikini wrap. "He might have went for a walk."

At that moment, the masked enforcer stepped out of the water geyser with his katana.

"Sorry, civilians, but a fight is in progress. I advise -" The man stopped himself when he noticed both of Akura's scimitars on her makeshift waistband. "Ma'am, have you not heard about the no weapons law?"

"I knew you should have given those to Takashi," Danielle reprimanded.

"Look, shithead. You got me bent if you think I'm handing these over."

Before the lawbringer could give his calm retort, he sensed something on his right. Since he still lacked speed, he received a cut on his shoulder when he dodged Asuke's slash. The boy's attack was followed by another that let him step out of the geyser.

"I knew this asshole would start something," Akura commented.

"Was it because you have your sword?" Danielle asked.

"Yes, and I didn't start it."

The water eruption ended as the enforcer stared at the three.

"I may be outnumbered, but I will not back down. Everyone will follow the law."

Asuke and Akura prepared themselves when water waved through the sand.

"Wait. Can we avoid this if we just drop our weapons?" Danielle negotiated.

"It's too late. You're now deemed criminals. Not even your God can help you."

As soon as he took one step, a hand stopped him, surprising the spectators. The steel blue man rested his hand on the enforcer's helmet, stopping his waves.

"My lord," the enforcer said as he immediately kneeled.

"W-What is the God of water Patton doing here?" Danielle questioned.