Martain Luther's idea of the religious was that he wish to depart from Catholicism. The church was entirely to oppressive and corrupt. He believe faith could be practiced more personally and without the guidance of elders and that Christian Literature can be read more privately. Luther was concerned about religion, mainly, but believed the government should be influenced heavily by religious ideals. He himself and his church however was focused on church concerns. A lot of it was less formal, perhaps not far removed then Kavinists and other mainline religions. He was one of the first of firsts to leave the catholic church so it resembled the catholic church except for the power structure, and more about grace. Because he had just left a institution full of corruption and politics, Luther did not want this to throught his ministry. He left the powers to the government, a secular body. Because he didn't focus on Politics, it was left more to the secular government. Even if he didn't care about politics it needed to be a part of society. He had a vision for the governing because he didn't want it to be complete corrupt and ran without a method. He still believed in a sense that it should be influenced and laced by religious ideals. It should not be a theocracy, however. This earth was however highly influenced by God, and earthly humans should remembers especially the ones that believed.

But Luther himself had better things to concern himself with. In a sense this earth was ruled by mortals, and had the mortal law. So, in a sense it should be separate from the church, which was not involved in this. Church and religion was concerned with living out a holy life, trying to prepare for eternal life in heaven. This was the reason he depoliticalized the church and had somewhat minimal connection. He let the governmental body be concerned with this issue while he took care of his religious preaching and pursuing of the lord. In a sense he didn't want to have to develop a political philosophy, but in a sense if he didn't want disorder and chaos He had to. This because of original sin, and that people are not perfect and sin. They need someone to govern, but Luther didn't think it was correct for his ministry or any other church to monitor, police, and take action. After all, he had just left a church like this, the catholic church, where corruption was big. The catholic church did much of it's own government.. Wolin's statement would be on point.