Alexa Wall

Professor Rebecca Griffin

Creative Writing

September 14, 2020


sleepy eyes open at 4 in the morn-night, and it's immediate:

crescent moon is Cheshire Cat.

he leaves Wonderland and lives with you instead -

but only in a place

where his existence, where his face

can fade away till only his smile remains.


or maybe that Crescent shape a mother's arms gently rocking her babe,

a cradle-hammock,

and lit up in the sky to announce to the world

primal love.

perhaps it entered through closed, heavy eyelids.

you've seen the flashes through dream explosions

(assuming the dreams belong to you at all.)

or heard the motions in hungry fireworks

feasting on sleeping ears.

but you wake, look and listen with consciousness and try

and all you see is Sun.

lighting but burning.

I'd pay to see that smile again, wouldn't you?

or close these vision windows to see that soothing love.

mind, not ears hear; brain, not eyes see;