Once upon a time there were three little pigs who lived with their mother. One day she told them it was time for them to live on their own. While they were packing, their mother warned them about the Big Bad Wolf, who lived near where they were heading to live.

"He's much bigger and stronger than you. He's a true beast! You better bring something with you to help defend yourself against him." She cautioned her sons.

The youngest pig scoffed.

"Ha! I can take him! I got these to defend myself!" He boasted while bringing his fist up and started to punch the air.

And so he packed nothing.

The middle child pig pondered.

"I probably don't need anything fancy nor big to defend myself… So I'll just bring a club." He stated.

And so he put an old large stick into his bag.

The oldest pig strongly agreed with his Mother.

"There's no way I'm gonna underestimate that Big Bad Wolf!" He exclaimed

And so he packed a large musket into his bag.

Soon the pigs left their home and headed for the road. They came to a place where three roads meet.

"I'll take the one on the left!" Said the youngest.

"I'll take the one in the middle!" Said the second child.

"I'll take the one on the right!" Said the oldest.

They took their respective paths and started to build their houses. But utmost to them they were being watched… By someone who loved to eat little, vulnerable swines.

It was the Big Bad Wolf, who lived next door to them!

He reached the house that was owned by the youngest. He knocked down the door with no effort and made his way to the little piglet. The youngest brother started to swing his fist punching the belly of the wolf. It was hopeless, he caused no harm at all. The monstrous wolf picked up the helpless pig by his wrist and put him in his mouth. He ate him whole!

He then headed for the middle swine's house. Before he could even break down the door the second pig opened it to attack the wolf with his club. He managed to get a few good slaps, but not for long. The Big Bad Wolf finally grabbed the stick and broke it into two. Before the pig could run away he was caught by the wolf and eaten whole, just like his little brother.

Finally the wolf made it to the oldest brother's house. It was dark inside so he decided to enter his house from the back door. It would make the hunt all the more better. He sneaked through the house searching for the hog. Then suddenly the lights turned on and the pig was right in front of him, pointing his musket at the nose of the wolf!

Before the wolf could say anything the oldest pig exclaimed he was avenging his brothers and shot the Big Bad Wolf dead!

Later that night the oldest pig brother sat in his chair by the fireplace, cleaning his trusted rifle. With a wolf pelt as a blanket.

He was no fool.