Is it such a stretch that there's nothing a human is incapable of?

Is it such a stretch that the mind has and endless capacity?

Is it not true that life is precious because you only get one?

Or is it precious because you don't want to lose it?

Two is the number of people who I wish had a proper understanding of the human race,

As two is the number of hours one spends, lying awake doing nothing.

There's not a good reason why the average child is so irrational,

Now why the average adult is so dull.

The problem is there will never be true equality unless it is truly needed.

The fact is, there's nothing worse than a killer with morals.

Because in that scenario, you can relate to the killer, even help them.

That's called community service.

I'm sorry I'm writing this at like midnight. Oops I forgot the bold oh well `\_( "3)_/`