I can't tell you how cool it is to be Mystic Star's sidekick, Comet. No, seriously, I can't.

Mysty is like those Karens you read about in r/idontworkherelady and stuff, when she's not in uniform. Off-duty, she's whiny, bitchy, and, like, almost constantly pre-menstrual. I can't tell you how much chocolate I have stashed in my satchel, just to get her to stfu. Seriously.

So, when the Midnight Marauder grabbed me off the street (in broad daylight, no less! While I was on my way to school!), I was torn between fear that I was going to wind up crucified on some rooftop, here in Center City, and hope that Mystic Star would come to my rescue in fairly short order.

The problem was, Mysty had left town the night before, to go visit friends up-state. Marauder took all of my electronics, so I couldn't notify her that I was in trouble. I was left to my, pardon the pun, own devices.

"Why me?" I asked Marauder, after he had secured me to a chair (that, while not comfortable, actually wasn't uncomfortable), with shackles I had no hope of breaking out of. My power is light manipulation, not super strength. Mysty liked having me throw the spotlight on her, when she made her entrances.

"Because, Miss Lynnwood, or, should I say, COMET! You're going to lure Mystic Star into my trap!" Marauder proceeded to laugh maniacally. "Tonight, I am going to broadcast on all channels and livestream your demise, when you get dropped off the Max Porter Bridge!" He laughed again, and then stopped, and gave me a serious look. "You can swim, can't you, Comet?"

"You mons- what?" I blinked, regarding the man in the dark blue bodysuit and cloak. "Uh, yeah, I can. Probably can't, like, swim the English Channel, but I'm competent in the water. Why?"

Marauder sighed, nodding. "Good. Because if Star doesn't rescue you before you plunge into the river, the shackles are set to unlock at three meters under the surface. I detest your hero, not you." He shrugged, "While it's simple to say that you're 'just' the sidekick, you're really not my target. She is, and she's been a thorn in my side since high school. Bitch needs to go down."

"Wait. High school? You know who she is?" I gaped, leaning forward in the chair. "She has no idea who you are, or, at least, that's what she rants at me about, when you've crossed paths before."

"Oh, yeah, I know her." Marauder growled, "Dianne Miller, homecoming queen, prom queen, queen bee and queen bitch. Of course she doesn't know who I am. That would require her to pay attention to someone who isn't her, and isn't catering to her every need and whim. She felt I had nothing to offer her, so she paid zero attention to me and the rest of the trumpet section in Band. I asked her to the homecoming dance in our sophomore year, and she laughed in my face."

"Yeah, that sounds like Mysty," I agreed, nodding. "She can be a bit self-centered."

Marauder snorted, "And the ocean can be a bit damp, and the sun a tad warm." He sighed, adjusting his cloak a little. "But that's no reason for me to take it out on you, in any permanent fashion. There's a pressure switch that will release you if the chair sinks too deep."

"Thanks," I replied. "Y'know, I hadn't really thought about it before, but you do seem to have minimal ancillary damage with your heists and executed plans. People almost never get hurt, and I can't remember if anyone has actually been killed, by you or your schemes. I mean, yeah, you steal stuff, break stuff, broadcast all kinds of stuff, but... You plan your plots to not injure people, don't you?" My jaw dropped as I realized that.

"Just because I hate the way society currently is, doesn't mean I want people to up and die. We're all going to die, eventually... well, except for ForeverMan, but that's his problem. No need for me to hasten the event," muttered Marauder. "I just want my comforts. And revenge." He smiled a little sheepishly, "And blood makes me feel ill. So, I'll just loot and pillage, and leave the killing to idiots who want the big heroes on their tails. And I'll tweak Dianne's nose, any chance I get."

"Huh," I remarked, regarding the Midnight Marauder a little differently, having learned this new-to-me information. "I can see that," I nodded.