The boy with the lost eyes and the fake smile,

wondering what he's all about.

He watches me as time flies on by

knowing that I know.

He's lost;

not to be found.

No one's searching

and so he's crying on the inside.

Smiling on the outside.

Shaking hands with those he wants to poke in the eye

and I wonder why

he doesn't shake off his coat of glitter and honey.

Let loose and show the world, why

does he hide?

Is it because he's lost?

Not to be found?

maybe this time around, I'll check the bin

of broken things

and find something beautiful.

A poem written for all the broken people. 2020 is rough time and I just want you all to know that there's someone for there for you. Whether it's a thousand miles away or just a feet, someone is there.

When I originally wrote this, I wrote it as a song.

Write Anything Challenge.